Dog Chewing Treat Machinery to Korea in April 2021
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Dog Chewing Treat Machinery to Korea in April 2021

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Dog Chewing Treat Machinery to Korea in April 2021

Dog Chew Machine

Darin is located in Shandong, China. We are one of the leading brands in the industry. We aim to serve our customers with wonderful and trustworthy services and premium puffing, extruding machines.

This customer is from Korea and saw our advertisement on Google. After some research, he contacts a few other companies and Darin. After some conversations, he is interested in dog chewing treat machinery.

As he believes that dog chewy treats can help dogs to solve dental problems. With our experienced customer service consultant, he felt that our machinery could meet his needs. He made the order after my colleague explained very detail to him.

Now, the chewy treat machinery had in Korea and work for more than a year. It is running smoothly, we are still in contact with him. Just a few weeks ago, he just gets some part from us.

Intro on Pet Chewing Machinery

Dog treats not only could strengthen our dogs’ teeth, clean their mouth, and prevent dental problems. It also can satisfy the dogs’ nature hobby of biting and chewing. To help them release energy so that they will not mess up your house.

Photo of Factory

Flow Chart for Chewy Pet Treat machinery:

Flour Mixer → Screw Conveyor → Single Screw Extruder → Twisting Machine → Cooling Conveyor → Cutting Machine → Hoister → Cooling Dryer

Video on the Chewy Dog Treat Machine

Darin is a company that had 11 years of experience, we are specialized in puffing and extrusion machines. We had rich experience in exporting our machinery. Our company is continually moving forward to improve our service and technology of our machinery. Contact our customer service experts now!


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