Nov 2019 – Core-filler snacks processing line to Korea
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Nov 2019 – Core-filler snacks processing line to Korea

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Nov 2019 – Core-filler snacks processing line to Korea

Darin is a company started in 2011, which specialized in extrusion and puffing machines. With having rich experience in exporting our machinery worldwide.

This customer from Korea had the opportunity to visit our extrusion machinery factory lab in Jinan, Shandong. He is an experienced manufacturer in Korea, and the purpose of paying the visit is only to identify and view how the machinery operates. As there might be a slight difference between different brandings.

After touring the factory lab, he is satisfied with our machinery on its design and performance. When he returned to his hometown, he discussed it with his team members. They straight away made an order without further hesitation.

When everything gets ready, the machinery is successfully delivered. But things happened unexpectedly Covid 19 breakout in Korea. There are difficulties for our experts to visit their factory. To assist their team in the installation of the full core-filler snack production line.

We, Darin, took about six months to communicate with this Korean customer. To guide them along the puff filling machine installation. With the cooperation of both side staffs, we managed to set up the machinery with maximum capacity performance.

Core-filled puff processing line

The machinery they chose is the full processing line from the start to the packing.

This line includes:

Mixing machine → Extruder → Filling core – can be chocolate or cream → Shaping and cutting → Dry → Flavoring (Spray oil and flavor powder) → Packing – Ready for sales

Mixing machine

This machinery will be processing the ingredients and prepare them for extrusion. The ingredients will be delivered to the next processing machinery.


For this step, it is the main machinery to produce core filling puffed snacks’ outer layer, the crispy part. The filler will be connected to the machinery to fill the core.

Filling Machine

This machine is a supporting machine, to fill the chocolate, cream, etc. into the snacks.

Shaping and cutting

In this step, the machinery will cut the snacks into small bites sizes for the consumer's convenience.


The snack will go through the baking oven to remove the excess moisture, making it crispy part and fulfilling when consuming.

Flavoring System

It consists of both a seasoning drum and an oil spraying drum. Giving the chocolate-filled snacks a tasty and natural gloss.

Packing Machinery

You can also select your packing machine from Darin, we offer an attractive deal when you get the full line from us.

Some photos of preparing the machines for the delivery

Extruder Machine


Flavoring Drum

Packed for Delivery 1

Packed for Delivery 2

Watch a video cilp

Darin is the right choice for your business. We provide all support that you may need during the starting of your projects, and furthermore, there is lifetime inquiries service for all our machines. Thus, if you have any question feel free to notify us for help. We hope to have you on board. Achieve your business goal with Darin machinery. Feel free to leave a message.


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