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Darin is an ISO 9001 certified enterprise, specialized in development and sales of pet food machinery, food machine and relative packing machine, and has rapidly become a stronger manufacturer after years of innovation and development.
After years of development, Darin has established mature sales and agency network. Darin machine runs in more than 50 countries including USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, etc. All Darin machines are CE certified with premium quality and stable performance.
We consider quality as our target, service as life. We warmly welcome all the customers, old and new, domestic and oversea clients to visit for business negotiation.



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Labortary Double Screw Extruder

Labortary double screw extruder which is used for lab use with capacity 30-40kg per hour.It can be used to make puff snacks, and also pet food. Double screws design and structure for material extruding and forming; High quality PLC and Touch Screen; Stanless Steel Sheetmetals;

Packaging machine in Iran

Packaging machine is a mechanical equipment for packaging puffed foods such as shrimp crackers, potato chips, French fries, etc. This machine is suitable for packaging irregular puffed materials and bulk items with high measurement accuracy and fragility. The packaging machine is equipped with Z-type material hoist, 10-head electronic combination scale, finished product conveyor, vibrating feeder and other components. The working process of the puffed food packaging machine is: the operator pours the puffed food that needs to be packaged into the vibrating hopper, the vibrating feeder conveys the material to the conveyor belt of the Z-type feeding hoist, and the material is conveyed to the 10 electronic Weighing or measuring is carried out in the combined scale, and the packaging process is completed through the links of blanking, bagging, sealing, and finished product output. This puffed food packaging machinery can realize a series of steps such as automatic feeding, weighing and met […]

Double Heads Pet Treat Cold Extrusion Machine Exported to Europe

DR-126 Double Head Cold Extrusion Machine Capacity: 150-200kg/hr Hopper volume: 65L Screw diameter: 126mm Power: 21kw Cooling type: Water circulation Cylinder pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa (no more than 0.6Mpa, and cylinder should be changed every 2-3 months) Weight: 1200kg Dimension: 2720x900x2000mm

How to make dog food meat chunks, meat bites making machine

Beef Granules/Meat Dices/Codfish Cubes Forming Machine can be used for producing beef granules,meat dices,codfish cubes with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds. Beef Granules / Meat Dices / Codfish Cubes Forming Machine Output: 300-400kg/hr  Material Hopper Size:800 x 400 x 350mm Hopper volume:90L Mold Qty.: 75pcs, includes – Forming mold x 69pcs – Pressing mold x 3pcs – Demolding mold x 3pcs Forming Mold size:468 x 173mm Effective mold size:352 x 154mm Power: 7kw Weight: 1400kg Dimension: 6200 x 4700 x 1600mm Auto Cleaning Scraping Device is used for scraping the extra material for recycling use after second pressing. The forming molds are made by PTFE and includes 75 pieces. The mold cavity can be designed with different shapes and sizes as customer’s requirements, such as cylinder, ball, square, round cake, heart, triangle. Equipped with sensors to accurately check the forming molds position, so the pressing mold could tightly fit, makes super cereal […]