3D Snack Making Machinery Line Delivered to Iran
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3D Snack Making Machinery Line Delivered to Iran

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3D Snack Making Machinery Line Delivered to Iran

Darin is in the food machinery lines industry for more than a decade. We have a lot of success stories with our customers. This is not only because we provide superior machinery lines at attractive pricing, but also about the service Darin provides.

3D Snacks Extruding Line

Every piece of machinery sold to the customer had a storyline behind it. This is a quote from one of my colleagues. I agreed with her, when we consult customers, it’s not always about selling the machinery itself. It is also the process we had with the customers.

This is customer is from Iran, serviced by this colleague, she is a senior consultant expert. The story started when he first contacted us and a few other companies. List down all his questions about the 3D Snacks Extrusion Line.

My colleague clarifies all his doubts and problems about our 3D Tidbit Machinery Line professional. Without much further ado, she received his call to arrange for the down payment of this machinery line.

During the feedback session, out of curiosity, my colleague asked him. Why did he make the decision so fast? He told her that, of course, the 3D Snacks Extrusion Machinery Line is wonderful, but it is not only about the machinery itself. It is also about the service she provides for him.

Introduction of the 3D Snack Making Machinery Line

3D Snack Extruding Line adopts a single screw extruder, the 3D snack can be produced in various forms. Furthermore, you may customize your design. The process started with dough mixing and extruding into a semi-manufactured dry product.

The extrusion process end when the humidity of the ingredients reaches less than 12%. The semi-end-product is extremely compact, it will expand when oil and heat are present. After the total process, the shelf life of the product is successfully extended.

Two production choices for the customers, firstly, the un-fried packed Snack. Or the fried snack ready-to-eat end-products. However, for the second choice, you will need to invest in frying snack machinery.

The standard flowchart:

Flour Mixing → Screw Convey → Extruding → Shaping → Cooling → Drying (If you do not continue to process it further stop here) → Frying → Flavoring → Cooling

The Capacity:

100 – 150kg/h, which required 4 – 6 operators.

In conclusion, choosing Darin will never let you down, we provide one year warranty, starting upon receiving the machinery. Furthermore, we provide a lifetime inquiries service for our machines.


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