Premium Dog Food Machinery Line was received in Pakistan
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Premium Dog Food Machinery Line was received in Pakistan

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Premium Dog Food Machinery Line was received in Pakistan

This customer is from Pakistan, before they decided to expand to produce their pet food, they are doing commercial trades only. But due to the increasing orders, their products are not enough to support the demand. Thus, the founder Rayan came across our advertisement, and an idea comes to his mind, of owning his factory and pet food machinery line.

After a lot of research and consultation, he finally decided to purchase with Darin Machinery. Ordering the 5-ton hourly production machinery from us. In the early stage, my colleague an experienced consultation expert-recommended to him that before choosing the factory you need to know the size of your machinery line. This is an awesome suggestion, as different capacities result in different sizes of machinery lines, if your factory is small, large production machinery cannot fit in.

Furthermore, the production process of the machinery line will also take a period, especially for the large production machine lines and it takes time to be delivered to our country. So, there will be more than enough time to get your factory place ready.

Upon, receiving the dog feed extruding line, the customer was very happy with the production capacity and the whole process of the machinery line designed. And our designed machinery layout plan saves them a lot of trouble. They are very happy will the cooperation and say that they are looking forward to the next purchase if they are expanding.

In a nutshell, Darin Machinery will be your best choice when comes to choose pet food machinery line. We are a one stop food machines manufacturer not only for pet food, we also provide human food machinery lines. If you are a beginner, we will provide you with extra services to guide you along the journey. Contact us now~


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