Injection Molding Pet Treat Machinery Lines Successfully Delivered to Australia
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Injection Molding Pet Treat Machinery Lines Successfully Delivered to Australia

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Darin was started 11 years ago, we are focusing on a food processing machinery line for both human consumers and pet consumers. We improve our technology to stay up-to-date, providing the latest food processing machinery technology.

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This customer from Australia is not the first-time purchasing machinery lines from Darin. My colleague can still roughly remember, it is about 5 years ago. The manager of the company contacts us, for details.

When the customer shows interest in the dry kibble machinery line, my colleague invited the business owner and his team to Jinan, to visit Darin Machinery Factory. When they saw the working process of the large capacity machinery. They felt that the procession line is running so smoothly.

They put the down payment before they left Jinan, Shandong. Immediately, we started the manufacture of the 2-ton pet food machinery line.

Now, as his business had grown, his pet food brand is a grand success. He considers that it is a purrfect time to expand its pet food line to treats. So, he contacts his consultant for assistance.

Due to the prior knowledge of Darin and trust, this time he did not come over to our factory. After a deep conversation, he decided on two machinery lines, the meat strip pet treat machinery line and injection molding treat machinery line respectively.

Before, the machinery lines reach Australia. The consultant sends them the tutorial video, for them to know roughly how to operate the machinery lines. Upon the arrival of the meat strip and injection molding machine lines, we arranged an online meeting session with the company's first-line operators.

Months later, my colleague contacted them to do after-sales feedback. They reported that the machinery lines had been performing well and were able to meet the needed capacity to support the market demand.

View more information, @ Pet Dog Meat Strip Processing Line

Intro on Dog Treats Injection Molding Machine

This machinery produces injection mold pet snacks, Darin provides various shapes, for instance, hedgehog, crocodile, and bone patterns. Furthermore, you also can customize your mold, to produce your unique shape.

These treats are for our pets to learn to follow instructions, and when training them on new actions as a gift for good performance. This can draw your furry friends closer to you, increasing the emotional connection between you and your pets.

To conclude, we are one of the top in the food manufacturing machines industry. You are welcome to find out more about our machinery products. We provide excellent service and premium products for our customers.


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