Rice Puffing & Extrusion Machinery Delivered to Italy with Operation Video
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Rice Puffing & Extrusion Machinery Delivered to Italy with Operation Video

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Rice Puffing & Extrusion Machinery Delivered to Italy with Operation Video

Rice extruding puffer

Darin is a company that specialized in food processing machinery, we are located in a beautiful spring city, Jinan of Shandong, China. We are in the process food industry for more than 10 years, providing machinery of good quality at attractive prices.

This Italy customer has his manufacturing factory to produce all types of cereal bars. But he is getting all his puffed rice, cereal, and oats from a partner company. However, due to the increase in the needed quantity, the company could not provide sufficient supply.

Thus, he did a lot of research online and seek for advice, he found out that he can get puffing machinery. Upon knowing the direction, he searches for companies providing the machinery.

He came across our company on Google. He contacts us and a few other companies. After some comparisons, he decided to get our puffing extrusion machinery. Due to its functions:

Extruding and Puffing Rice Machinery (DRP – 70)

· Automatic

· Comes in different shapes, due to the molds

· Regulate shape and size

· No noise

This machinery will be puffing and extruding the rice into homogeneous shapes and sizes, depending on the molds used.

As with normal puffing or popping machinery, during the process, there will be a loud popped sound. But this DRP – 70 has no noise and you can create different shapes and sizes with different molds.

Furthermore, the production is 50kg/h, energy-saving, easy to operate, and high efficiency. The full rice extruding and puffing machinery is covered and made of stainless steel.

When we confirmed the model of the machinery, we took some time to get the puffing machinery ready. After that we did a video call, running a trial with the new piece of machinery.

My colleague packed the extruding puffing machinery nicely and secured it in a wooden shipping box. The machinery is ready to be delivered to Italy. About a month later, he received Darin Machinery. We organized a tutorial for the customer and teach them about the installation and operations.

The machinery is easy to set and runs for operation, we took only a few hours. The first-line operators can run the machinery. Just a few weeks ago, our consultant contact him to get some feedback from him. He gives very high comments, saying that the puffing and extruding machinery assist him with the required supply of puff grains.

In the end, I would like to say choosing Darin will be the best choice. We provide superior puffing and extrusion machinery lines that you can customize our molds. If you are interested in our machinery, contact us now!


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