​Pet Treat Injection Machinery to India
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​Pet Treat Injection Machinery to India

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Pet Treat Injection Machinery to India

Pet Treat Injection Machinery

Darin is established in 2011, located in Shandong, China. We are the leading company in the food processing machinery industry. Currently, our machines are widely used worldwide, thus, we had rich experience in exportation.

This customer is from India, he considered starting a project to produce pet food. He gets to know about us online by doing research. He wants to pet business. At first, he just wants to find out more information about the industry.

After he had a conversation with my colleague, he gains confidence in this business.  My colleague gives him a few options plan, which normally beginners love to start with.

But slowly, through the process, my colleague felt that this Indian customer wants something special and unique. Which is not widely used in India, he suggested our pet treat injection machinery. This is the latest technology that is produced by Darin.

Shortly, after the meeting call that we did on the recommended plan on dog treat injection machinery. He contacts us and makes the order on the spot. Soon, the machinery is delivered to India.

Upon receiving we did the tutorial video specially for him. It had shown each and every step on how to set up the machinery. Providing guidance whenever he needs our help.

My colleague did a WhatsApp call with him after the dog treat machinery had run for a few weeks. He feedbacks with us that the machine is operating well in his factory. The injection machine can produce their desired pet treat designs.

Currently, he is still contacting us to arrange another order on our patented machinery, the Cold Extrusion Machinery. As he felt that the technology of this machine meets, his business vision, providing the latest and best quality of pet treats for his customer.

Intro on Dog Treats Injection Molding Machine

This machinery produces injection mold pet snacks, Darin provides various shapes, for instance, hedgehog, crocodile, and bone patterns. Furthermore, you also can customize your own mold, to produce your unique shape.

These treats are for our pets to learn to follow instructions, and when training them on new actions as a gift for good performance. This can draw your furry friends closer to you, resulting in an increase in the emotional connection between you and your pets.

We are Darin a company specializing in the manufacture of puff and extrusion machinery. If you are interested, welcome to contact us and find out more with our customer service expert.


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