Meat Strip Machine With Auto Tray Loader / Dog Munchy Strip Machine
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Meat Strip Machine With Auto Tray Loader / Dog Munchy Strip Machine

Auto meat strip machine can make pet munchy stick with different sizes and shapes. It includes auto tray loader, DR-126 meat strip extruder, cooling conveyor, cutting machine.

The raw materials can be high percentage of meat paste or flour or their mixture.

The machine can be customizes according to customer's tray size.


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Introduction of the meat strips machine:

 1.Auto traying system

Automatic tray system mainly is used for providing continuous individual tray to meat strip machine. To make products which produced by meat strip machine be cut according to tray’s dimension and automatically enter into tray, it is convenient for subsequent baking link.


It can automatically pick and place tray through mechanical arm, equipped with tray store. With very high auotmation, can heavily save cost and manual labor intensity.


Two layers belts design, meat strip comes on upper belt, and trays comes on nether belt.


Top quality  photoelectric sensors ensure meat strip and tray exactly matches each other, precisely length cutting control, labor saving, suitable for high standard meat strip producing.


Whole system is composed by trays storage, trays picking up, trays conveying, auto cutter, etc.


2. Meat strip extruding machine


DR-126 meat strip extruding machine can extrude multi pieces of meat sticks. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing the mold.


Specially used to produce high content (max 100%) meat products.

Patented design to produce meat strip with different shapes and sizes.

Siemens motor, FATEK PLC, ABB or Schenider main electric parts.

Stainless steel control cabinet, touch screen with friendly interface and fault display function.

The screw adopts detachable structure, and has rust-proof treatment.

The cylinder should be changed every 2-3 months. During production, cylinder pressure should be no more than 0.6Mpa.


Machine layout and pictures:




Technical Parameter


Auto meat strip machine



Air source


Air Comsumption


Quantity of Placing Tray One Time








Product Details

meat strip 01meat strip sample (2)machine picture 02

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1. Could we visit your factory to check the machine carefully and closely?

You’re more than welcome to visit Darin, we will provide machine test running, face to face discussioin and turkey project design solution.


2. Could you afford technician team to guide our installation and commissioning?

Oversea commssioning service provided, our technician will help to install the machine, and teach local workers about operation and manitenance. Buyer should pay for the technician’s round flight ticket , accommodation and salary.


3. How long is your machine’s guarantee time?

One year from the machine arrive at your factory.


4. If some parts break after warranty, what should we do?

Darin supply full-life after sales service, whenever new parts needed, we will help to supply new replacments at reasonable price & in shortest time.


5. If we show our workshop size, can you design layout for the whole line?

AutoCAD layout will be provided as client’s workshop size.


6. During epedemic period, how should we install the processing line without any experience?

1) Before delivery, we will take detailed operation video to show how to assemble each machine, how to operate and maintain the line.

2) Operation manual, circuit diagram etc in English version will be provided.

3) Online support available. If any questions during installation or production, our engineer will help to solve by videocall or zoom meeting.