Sesame Bar Cutting Machine Line Successfully Delivered to Lebanon
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Sesame Bar Cutting Machine Line Successfully Delivered to Lebanon

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Darin Machinery was established in 2011, though these years of development, we have become one of the tops food processing machinery companies. We had grown up with our customers. All Darin people have a mindset to assist businesses to achieve their production goals and desired products.

This customer from Lebanon bought a full machinery line from us. He was a beginner who had no prior experience. Upon knowing his situation, our senior service expert, serviced him. We provide him with sufficient guidance and assistance.

He made his decision before contacting us. He wanted to produce syrup and sesame bar. He plans to produce and sell his products to his target audience. Thus, my colleague provides him with the standard line of the operating system and different options. After comparing and considering, he decided on this sesame bar cutting machinery line. This machinery line can meet his needs and wants.

Intro of Sesame Bar Pressing & Cutting Line

The standard line machinery & equipment needed:

Main Machinery

  • Cereal Bar Pressing

This machine will press the ingredients into a big piece and prepare for the next step.  

  • Cooling Tunnel

The cooling tunnel is specially designed to locate before the cutting step. These cool down the hot, soft, and sticky ingredients so that the syrup will not stick to the equipment nor be too hard for cutting.

  • Cutting

It cuts the whole piece of ingredients into small pieces. Preparing them to be ready for packaging.

Supporting Equipment

  • Hoister

It transports the ingredients to the next step.

  • Auto-packing Machinery

Packing the small pieces of end-products. Getting them ready to meet the consumers.

Other supporting equipment

  • Heat Preservation tank

This equipment helps to keep the syrup at a perfect temperature for usage.

  • Grain puffing extruder

Produce puffed grains and oats for later steps usage.

A few weeks after the delivery of the sesame bar cutting machinery line. My colleague contacted them for feedback, the Lebanon customers said that:

The sesame bar machinery line is fabulous. The speed of the machinery and the sesame bars’ appearance is consistent and perfect. If I was to expand my production line, I will choose Darin again.

Furthermore, recently he had purchased additional parts. We are partnering with them for the long term. We also felt fulfilled to be able to support him at the start of his business.

We provide him complimentary services, including designing the floor layout plan for the sesame bar pressing machinery line according to their factory space. And a one-year warranty, starting upon receiving the machines. On top of that, Darin provides lifetime inquiries for all our machinery and equipment.

To conclude, choosing the Darin food machinery lines is a wonderful choice you will never regret. We provide excellent customer service for all our customers, giving them superior machinery at attractive prices.


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