DRC – 75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line Ordered by a Dubai Customer
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DRC – 75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line Ordered by a Dubai Customer

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Darin’s top-selling machinery line is the cereal bar cutting machinery. We are specializing in puffing and extruding machines. We provide wonderful machines that will never let you down.

This customer from Dubai is working in the food processing industry for a long time. The drive of purchasing the current operation machinery is outdated, requires a lot of manpower, and is not effective. It increases the COGS, thus the selling prices will need to be marked up. Furthermore, there is a shortage of these skilled operators.

So, he did a lot of research online and finally decided on choosing Darin’s DRC – 75 Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line. It is a fully automatic machine that can be controlled by PLC and the touch screen, it is user-friendly.

The full machinery line consists of a hoister that will transport the ingredients to the next step. Cereal bar pressing will be pressing all the ingredients into a big sheet. The cooling tunnel will cool down the ingredient and get them ready for cutting and you may purchase the auto-sorting packing too.

Furthermore, the high-tech material used for the machinery is non-thick. Thus, it is easy to clean and ensure the end product will not be left behind or the shape is destroyed due to the problem.

“I’m grateful to Darin Machinery and my consultant, Jason who is very professional in his work. And more importantly, Darin’s Oat Bar Cutting Machinery Line helped me to solve the shortage of workers. Now the machinery is working smoothly and surpasses my expectations. We are looking forward to future cooperation.”

In conclusion, contact us now! We will provide professional guidance regarding machinery. Furthermore, we can plan your machinery layout according to your factory, this is one of our complimentary services.


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