Hamburger Patty Machinery delivered to the Philippines
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Hamburger Patty Machinery delivered to the Philippines

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Hamburger Patty Machinery delivered to the Philippines

Darin’s special present – burger patty machinery, it was a piece of special premium machinery that you don’t see on Darin’s official website. So if you need this meat patty machinery don’t miss it. Darin is a company specializing in food processing machinery.

Hamburger Patty Machinery

This customer from the Philippines is a bit different, he is a local agency providing third-party services, acting as a representative of the opposite party.

We had conversations with him, and he delivered the company view to us and the wanted machinery. My colleague, an experienced consultant had the opportunity to serve him.

We concluded that his customers need the hamburger patty machinery. According to his customer, this consultant expert recommends the patty-making machinery (APF-600). This meets the production needs perfectly of his customers.

After the automatic meat pie machinery is successfully delivered, we arranged a video call with the local third-party agency. To install and run the machinery.

Recently, we did feedback with the agency, they had very positive feedback on the machinery. The hamburger patty machinery is very outstanding, the machinery design and output of burger patties are brilliant.

Furthermore, this customer from the Philippines also used the machinery to produce fried fish fillets.

Intro of Burger Patty Machinery

Hamburger Patty APF Series can produce hamburger patty, chicken nuggets, chicken/beef steaks, pumpkin patty, etc. Depending on the ingredients used, it is the perfect machinery choice to supply patties for fast-food restaurants.

Technical Parameters





Output (kg/h)

40 – 50

200 – 500

1000 – 1200

Power (kW)




Speed (times/min)

15 – 30

15 – 55

15 – 60

Max Patty Diameter (cm)




Patty Thickness (cm)

0.6 – 2

0.6 – 2

0.6 – 4

Dimension (cm)





1. Fully automatic performance of all procedures including filling, forming, and output.

2. The raw materials can be any meats, fish, shrimp, potato, pumpkin, carrot, green beans, vegetables, and tubers.

3. Working well with other supporting machinery to complete the full processing line, including flouring, breading, battering, frying, etc.

4. If you are interested in Darin also provides Bread Crumb Extruding Line, to get you ready with self-produced breadcrumbs for your only use or you can sell it as a product too.

5. It is easy and convenient for raw materials to refill or replace when needed. Furthermore, accurate weight control makes it possible to control the production cost. This minimizes wastage throughout production.

6. Darin’s Burger Patty Machinery focuses on the user-friendly, and safeness during the operation of machinery. With premium-quality stainless steel that does not get rusty and non-metal materials, which are food-grade.

7. We use a PLC processor originating from German Siemens, with allocating auto failure alarm system and touch screen in bilingual languages.

To conclude, Darin patty machinery is a machine you will never want to miss. Contact our professional consultant for many information and free quotation now.


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