Oatmeal Chocolate Making Machine
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Oatmeal Chocolate Making Machine

Oatmeal Chocolate Bar Machinery can produce oat meal chocolate bar with various shapes and sizes.
☆ It is fully automatic machine, which uses the method of forming + freezing to form the bars.
☆ After mixing the raw material, the procedures of forming, de-molding and freezing are all performed automatically, and only needs one worker to mix and feed the material, which could reduce labor source.
☆ The whole machine has high efficiency and covers small area. One worker can operate this machine.


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Oatmeal Chocolate Machine

Oat Chocolate Machinery can produce oat meal chocolate with various shapes and sizes. It is fully cutomatic machine, which uses the method of forming + freezing to blending oat meal and chocolate.

Oatmeal Chocolate Machine


Machine Working Process

Oatmeal Chocolate Machine



1. Put raw material (oat meal and liquid chocolate) into (1) Mixing Hopper for well and even mixing, then it is poured into (2) Filling Hopper;

2. In (2) Filling Hopper, the raw material is pushed by material feeder to fill the mold, and then being pressed by (3) Molding Device;

3. The molds filled with raw materials are pushed to (4) Mold Board for cooling;

4. While gathering 5 molds, (5) Driving Motor starts to lift the molds to a higher floor;

5. While the mold is lifted to the top floor (13th floor), (6) Demolding Screw will push the molds to (7) Conveying Belt;

6. (7) Conveying Belt will convey the molds to the location of (8) Clipping Cylinder. Then the cylinder will clip, and (9) Spindle will clockwise rotate 90°. Next the cylinder will loose, and the mold will be hang on (10) Chain Wheel, which will controtate a certain length;

7. While the molds are moved to the location of (11) Spindle, (12) Demolding Cyliner will demold the oat chocolate. At the same time, (13) Clipping Cyliner will clip, and (11) Spindle will controtate 90°;

8. (14) Molding Puch Cylinder will push the molds to the original location; and meanwhile, (15) Conveying Belt will convey the final oat chocolate.

Company Advantages Introduction

1. Motors are from Siemens;

2. Electric parts are from ABB or Schneider, easy to find replacments at local market;

3. PLC and touch screen are from Siemens, to realize easier operation and less labor quantity;

4. PLC and touch scrren controls whole processing line, not one or two single equipment;

5. While faults occurred, relevant information will be displayed on touch screen, easy to settle the problem;

6. Control cabinet has 24V safe voltage (not 220V), which could protect the operator even electric leakage occurred;

7. Three kinds of protectors to keep machine and operator safe: over-current protector, over-voltage protector and over-heat protector;

8. All the cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with materials or final products are made by stainless steel 304.

Proportioning system

Flow chart

Mold Quantity

90 pcs

Mold Dimension

450 x 285mm


10 trays per minute


380V 20kw




6500 x 1500 x 2700mm

Equipment Involved

Forming Machine x 1 set

Freezing Tunnel x 1 set

Molds x 1 sets (includes 90 pcs forming moulds, 1 pressing mould and 1 de-moulding mould)

Mould Conveyor x 1 set

Cooling System x 1 set

Product Details

Oatmeal Chocolate MachineOatmeal Chocolate Machine


1.Various shapes and sizes, which can be adjusted according to customer's needs.

2. After mixing the raw material, the procedures of forming, demolding and freezing are all  performed automatically, and only needs one worker to mix and feed the material, which could reduce labor source. 

3. Mechnical driving,  accuracy positioning,  upper and nether moulds tight fit, makes super Oat bar shaping.

4. Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce  24-hour continuously.

5.  The whole machine has high efficiency and covers small area.

6.   One worker can operate this machine.

Commissiong Service 

1.We make accurate factory layout design according to customer’s factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design with electricity power, water supply, gas power, material storage, final storages, worker’s restroom, etc.


2.After delivering machines to client’s factory, we start to apply for the Visa to client’s country immediately; normally the vessel needs 20-60 days to the required port, so we have enough time to get the Visa. While the machines arrives your factory, our engineers are ready to start for the commissioning service.


3.1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time.


4.Our engineers have responsibility to train and teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.


5.It normally costs 10 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.


6.The engineer’s round-trip flight tickets, accommodation and daily salary USD 100 are on client’s account.


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  • Q During epedemic period, how should we install the processing line without any experience?

    1) Before delivery, we will take detailed operation video to show how to assemble each machine, how to operate and maintain the line. 
    2) Operation manual, circuit diagram etc in English version will be provided. 
    3) Online support available. If any questions during installation or production, our engineer will help to solve by videocall or zoom meeting.
  • Q If we show our workshop size, can you design layout for the whole line?

    A AutoCAD layout will be provided as client’s workshop size.
  • Q If some parts break after warranty, what should we do?

    A Darin supply full-life after sales service, whenever new parts needed, we will help to supply new replacments at reasonable price & in shortest time.
  • Q How long is your machine’s guarantee time?

    A One year from the machine arrive at your factory.
  • Q Could you afford technician team to guide our installation and commissioning?

    A Oversea commssioning service provided, our technician will help to install the machine, and teach local workers about operation and manitenance. Buyer should pay for the technician’s round flight ticket , accommodation and salary.


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