Twisted Dog Chewy Machine delivered to Brazil
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Twisted Dog Chewy Machine delivered to Brazil

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Darin was established in 2011, providing food processing machinery. We have rich experience in exportation, currently, we had exported our machinery to more than 70 countries worldwide. We have never stopped our steps to improving our machinery’s technology. To provide the best machinery for our customers.


1. Twisted Dog Chewy Machine delivered to Brazil

2. Intro of Darin Chewy treat machinery line

3. Video on the operation process

Twisted Dog Chewy Machine delivered to Brazil

Dog Chewy Treats

This is a customer with experience in pet kibble production, and he feels that there is a need for expansion to increase the factory’s revenue. He did a lot of research to decide on what machinery to invest in.

He contacted different companies for pet food machinery information. My colleague, Janice attended to him and introduced him to our pet treats machinery lines. He did his comparison and contacted us about a week after the last conversation. He had decided to choose the twisted dog chewy treat machinery line.

After the double color twisted dog chewing machinery reached Brazil. He received our video on the setup. For all his inquiries, we managed to reply to him as soon as possible. The dog dental chewy machine line is working smoothly in Brazil.

We took the extra mile to do regular checks with him on the operation of the system, to ensure that everything is all right. As he is still new with the machinery, so he might need extra assistance. Now, his team can perform the full operation on their own.  

Intro of Darin Chewy treat machinery line

pet snack extruding line

We provide customized designs and molds to meet our customer’s needs. The double-colored chewy treat machine is one of our special designs. This snack is specially designed for dogs to cleanse their teeth.

Dogs with poor teeth health will lead to bad breath and dental issues. Brushing the teeth of your dog can be a difficult routine. While with the chewy treats you can effectively reduce the need to brush teeth for your pets.

Larger harder foods and specialty chews that increase chewing time and tooth contact, can help clean teeth via abrasive mechanical action, and entertain your dog at the same time. Choose Darin as your first choice, we provide lifelong inquiries service on our machinery and with a year of warranty, starting when you received the machinery.

Video on the operation process

In conclusion, Darin is a leading brand in the puffing and extruding machinery industry. We provide wonderful before and after-sales service. All our staffs are well trained on the required knowledge by our company. Contact us now for more information!


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