Mini Marconi Machinery delivered to Israel in Jan 2022
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Mini Marconi Machinery delivered to Israel in Jan 2022

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Mini Marconi Machinery delivered to Israel in Jan 2022

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Darin is specialized in puffed and extrusion types of machinery. We are already a leading company in China, we pledge to provide consistent service standards for all our customers over the world.

This case is based on the feedback that Daniel shared with us after he received our Marconi Production Machinery. The reason he wanted to do this sharing is that he had success in this tryout.

This Israel customer, Daniel has no prior knowledge in this industry. He gets to know about it from a friend working in the line. He felt that it is a business with a bright future and was willing to give it a try.

So, he meets up with his friend, Muhammad shared with him about the Darin, which his company is currently using. After knowing about it, he did some research online to find out more about our company.

After knowing about our company, he leaves a message on our website. My colleague, Nick responded to him. They had a pleasant conversation, as our customer’s experts are very professional in all our production lines. She suggested the mini production machinery, to try out first, with a minimum investment.

Why mini producer machinery?

A mini producer needs only a small place and lesser workers, you can operate totally by yourself, and with the minimum investment, you could start the project. The mini producer is definitely the first choice for beginners.

As Darin has a lot of ranges of production lines, and more importantly, he did not want to be a competitor with his friend Muhammad, he took a long time to make the decision. He decided to purchase a Marconi Making Machinery, which is a totally different line from his friend.

About a few weeks later, Daniel received his very first machinery. My colleague arranges the best timing for both sides to gather for an online zoom meeting with our technical experts. This is to set up the line of production with him and to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Now, he started up his own restaurant and served Marconi which he produced with the mini-Maroni line. Of course, if his restaurant customers love his Marconi, he also sells packed ones for them to cook at home.

Darin is a company established in 2011, we an experienced in exporting our products worldwide. Our machinery is working in over 70 countries currently, we are still improving to provide better service and high-quality machinery. Contact us now!


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