Macaroni Processing Machinery successful delivered to Cameroon
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Macaroni Processing Machinery successful delivered to Cameroon

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Mini Macaroni Processing Machinery successful delivered to Cameroon

Darin Machinery is a company producing prime puffing and extruding machinery lines. We are concentrating on the internal development of our machinery lines and employees’ professionalism to provide highly standardized service. External development in assisting our customers to achieve their production goals.

Introduction of the Customer

He is experienced in the food industry, occasionally, he came across one of our advertisements on Google. So, he considers why not to expand his business to open his factory production line. As he currently has a brand selling macaroni.

So, he decided to give it a try, he contacts our consultant via email and noted that his interested in Macaroni Line the Italian Cuisine. One of my colleagues is assigned to service, after communications, we proceed to plan the needed factory.

He had decided to make the purchase and settled down at the selected factory place. He sends us the factory’s layout, our design expert provided him with the designed mini macaroni-making machinery line layout.

After the macaroni machinery reached Cameroon successfully, we proceed to the next stop. We provided him with the especially taken production video on the installation and setup. Darin took the initiative to organize a call with the employees in the factory to tutor them on operations skills.

A few months later, his consultant make a call to get some feedback on our pasta-making machinery line.

He said: “Working with Darin was the best choice that I made, the machinery is running smoothly, and the customer service was very good”.

Receiving this positive feedback is meaningful to Darin, it urges us to become better in our service and improve our machinery lines.

This is an order made in July 2021, currently, the same consultant is serving him again. As he wanted to invest in packing machinery to pack his Marconi and get them ready for sales.

Introduction to Pasta and Automatic Pasta Machinery

Types of pasta

  1. Pasta is a type of staple food in Italy, due to its dried characteristics. In the 14th-15 th, where people can store it easily on the boat. It was popularly used when cooking dishes in the Mediterranean diet.

  2. In the latter days, pasta had moved out from the Mediterranean area. Currently, it is a popular dish on our table.

  3. This pasta machinery line can produce different types of pasta, which is shown in the picture above.

  4. By changing the molds, you can produce them all, if you are looking for some unique designs. Darin can fulfill you, we accept customization of molds.

Flowchart of Pasta Maker Machinery Line

Flowchart - Pasta Maker Machinery Line

(Note Raw material, from durum wheat to powder machinery)

Macaroni Machinery Operation Video

To summarize, Darin is the company you should purchase your full line of food processing machinery. We hope to receive your message now!


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