Dog Food Processing Machinery delivered to Lebanon
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Dog Food Processing Machinery delivered to Lebanon

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Dog Food Processing Machinery delivered to Lebanon

We are Darin, located in Shandong, China. With 11 years of experience. We provide machinery for puffed snacks and extrusion machines for both human food and animal feeds.

This customer is a piece of white paper without relevant industry experience. He wanted to begin his factory in Lebanon. He did a lot of research online and came across our website on Google. Before coming to us, he did comparisons of different companies’ machinery. He finally decided to drop us a message.

After getting in contact with him, we introduced and recommended the pet food machinery line for him to start up the business, as kibble is the principal source of animals’ diet. The pet processing line is also the most popular machine that we provide.

As he is a beginner, Darin provides him with the designed plan layout of machinery according to his factory layout and lets him choose. The customer found a domestic third-party inspection company to visit our machine factory lab.

They tested the operation of the dog food extruder and reported being satisfied with our equipment and machinery. After this, we proceed to export the machine. Currently, this dog food-making machine was operating in Lebanon, generating a profit for this customer.

The customer had very positive feedback on this machinery. It is currently operating at its maximum capacity and running smoothly. He was very gratified with our machinery and services.

Introduction on the machinery he purchased:

Extruder and Preheater

Extruder and Preheater

Extruder – the main machinery

He chose our Extruder DR-70 model, which operates at a capacity of 200-300kg/h, with a dimension of 20*5*3 meters. This machine hosts a double screw extruder, which offers greater consistency in production and control of the dog food quality.


Use to preheat the ingredients to get ready for the production. It is supporting equipment for your extruder. This equipment can increase the productivity and the appearance of the end product – pet food.

Flavoring Drum

Flavoring Drum

It is used for the later seasoning of the product. It consists of a double drum, and the end product is turned evenly in the drum. The front drum is for oil spraying, and the behind one is for seasoning spray.

Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet is to allocate the main electrical components, such as motors and inverters. The screen and PLC are from Siemens. It provides various languages to choose from to meet our customers’ needs. The default will be in the English and Chinese interfaces.

Complementary Products

Complementary Products

As this customer had purchased the full dog production line, we provided them with some complementary products. Including six random molds, thermocouples, and heating rings.

Video on the operation of the Dog Feed Machinery

In conclusion, Darin is a company you will never regret partnering with. We look forward to having you on our journey. Most critically, we want you to meet your ideal production capacity. Drop us a message now!


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