Darin Pet Food Machinery successfully delivered to Egypt
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Darin Pet Food Machinery successfully delivered to Egypt

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Darin Pet Food Machinery successfully delivered to Egypt


Darin is a company specializing in pet food and treats processing machinery with rich exporting experience, we provide consistent service for all customers.

This customer is from Egypt, this is the second time he is purchasing our machinery. He reached out directly to the consultant that has already serviced him in the previous order.

After my colleague communicate with him, she finds out that is preparing to upgrade his dog food machinery line. As the current one is no longer able to meet the capacity of production he needed.

Upon knowing his appeal. My colleague suggested to him the following:

·         DR – 90 (800 – 1000kg/h)

·         DR – 95 (2000kg/h)

·         DR – 120 (3000kg/h)

After discussing the capacity of the factory space, and the required productivity, we concluded the best solution, which is the Pet feed machinery line DR – 95.

About a month later, this customer received our animal food production machinery line. We send them our especially taken video to assist them to install the machinery line, my colleague also stands by to ask all his doubts.

Currently, this dog food-making machinery line is running smoothly in Egypt, the customer is super happy with the production output of this machinery. Find out more information about Cat and Dog Kibbles Making Machinery Line

A Small Operation Video on Pet Food Producing Machinery Line

To conclude, Darin is professional in our machinery lines. We start the process from R&D to engineering experts designing the machinery and certified electric engineers to test the machinery line before delivering it to your country. Contact us now! Or leave a message below this article~ 


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