Animals Feeding Machinery Line to Italy – September 2021
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Animals Feeding Machinery Line to Italy – September 2021

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Animals Feeding Machinery Line to Italy – September 2021

Darin was established in 2011, providing high-end food processing machines worldwide. Currently, our machines are working in over 70 countries. We have rich experience in exportation.

This customer from Italy had rich experience in the processing food industry. His factory's machinery had been working for a lot of years, and it is more or less outdated and slow in production.

Thus, he decided to get a new piece of dog feed machine to produce both dog and cat food. He did a lot of research online with his employees to find out the best quality machine that products his needed quantity of pet food products for his customers.

After deciding on the machinery, he straight away makes the order. It took more than a month for the pet processing machinery line to reach Italy, as it is quite a distance from China to Italy.

Upon the dog, the extruder line is received. Our customer service experts will be notified, and we will contact this customer to arrange a suitable time to assist them to set up and run the machine. As this customer is very cooperative, we took a few days to solve all problems.

A few weeks later, my colleague did an after-sales call with this customer to get feedback on the animal food-making machine line. This Italy customer gives a very high review that the machine is working fantastic and able to produce more quantity of kibbles with the same amount of raw ingredients than in the past. As Darin’s Machinery technology had upgraded, it reduces wastage.

This customer is now a loyal customer to Darin as he is continually getting new parts and equipment for the old machinery replacement. Currently, he is still planning for a new machine line with us.

Animals Feeding Machinery Line

Animals Feeding Machinery Line 1

Brief intro on Pet Processing Food Machinery Line:

Pet Food Extruding Line focuses on the production of pet food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, rabbits, and horses. It only varies the raw ingredients used to process them.

This machine uses a twin-screw extruder, which is high in consistency and performance. The whole process could be controlled by a parameter. With a mixture of raw ingredients, it can meet the daily need of our furry animal friends.

Follow according to our advanced formula your final products will be:

  • Water content below 12%

Extend the length of storage, as it is low in moisture, bacteria will multiply slower.

  • Digestibility can reach 70%

  • Balanced in nutrition

  • Long shelf life

If you are starting a new factory producing pet food, choose the pet kibbles production machine line. As it is the principal diet source of our pet family members, with high consumption you will be able to maintain the operation at first, and slowly you will make a profit.

Workflow of pet kibbles machinery line:


Pet food making machine flowchart

A video cilp 

In a nutshell, Darin will be the best choice of machinery that you will not regret. We are looking forward to having you on our journey. Achieve your business production goal with Darin Machinery. Without further ado, contact us for more information.


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