Cold pet treats extruding line to the USA in October 2018
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Cold pet treats extruding line to the USA in October 2018

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Cold pet treats extruding line to the USA in October 2018

Darin is specialized in various production lines, our top production lines are the cereal bar processing line for humans, and the pet food and treats production line for our furry friends. We started up in 2011 and are experienced in exporting. Now, Darin machines are working in more than 70 countries worldwide.

This American customer is one of Darin’s loyal customers who started purchasing our pet kibbles machinery in 2013.  He is an experienced expert in pet food production. He had his production line and sales channel.

Back then, before his first purchase, he visited our factory lab to view the performance of our machinery. With the first-hand experience, he did not worry and consider too much. We settle the order on spot.

After the first pet food extruder reached the USA. He arranged the flight for our engineer experts to travel there to assist him to set up the service line. Till now, the first piece of Darin machinery is still running in the USA. Of course, through these years some parts and pieces are replaced.

(Professional advice change part by part, try not to change in one shot)

The current latest full line cold extrusion pet treat machine purchase is the third time order with Darin. He purchases the pet treats extruding line and pet treats pre-made packing machine. Due to previous experience and excellent projects are done, we confirm this order in days.

Due to his trust, my colleague doesn’t want to let him down. She is very careful throughout the order process. She checks all stuff carefully and arranges a trial run in our factory lab for him. Making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the whole process.

Upon machinery is delivered, he is very excited. Now he is more experienced, thus, we arranged an online tutorial. With both sides’ cooperation, his dog treats cold extrusion processing line and pre-made pouch packing machinery are installed and running smoothly.

Introduction on Cold Pet Treats Extruding line:

The cold pet treats extrusion machine is specially designed to produce high meat contain products. Such as lecithin treats, jerky treats, core filling treats, and nutritional soft treats. It is the latest technology cold extrusion, it will reduce and avoid nutritional leakage. Meeting our pet’s natural nutrition needs.

For this cold extrusion, the pet treats machine comes in both single screw extrusion and double screw extrusion. Its capacity is 100kg/h and 150-200kg/h respectively. The machinery consists of 3 meters cooling conveyor. As well as, two cutting systems, to dice the processed treats.

Flow chart:

Mixing materials → Forming treats → Cutting → Baking or Drying

Operation Video on Cold Pet Treat Machinery Line

Pet treats premade pouch packing

This machinery is a special order, it is to package your products getting them ready for sales. For more information on the special-order packing machinery, contact our customer service consultant.

In a nutshell, Darin has rich experience, we welcome beginners and provide the support that you may need throughout the business. We liked to grow and succeed with our customers. If you are interested feel free to contact our customer service experts.


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