Mini Granola Bar Machine to America
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Mini Granola Bar Machine to America

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Mini Granola Bar Machine to America

Darin produces the best extruding and puffing machinery, we are the top machinery manufacturer in China. Our machinery has been delivered to 70 countries worldwide. If you are thinking of starting up a factory, Darin will be your one-stop center to get the full line of types of machinery you need.

This American customer was a beginner who wanted to start up a mini-workshop to produce Cereal bars, granola bars, sesame bars, and even all kinds of raw ingredients that can be used. However, please ask our service experts before processing.  

He is thinking to try out the mini granula producer first, with minimum input to generate a specific output before making more investments. Larger machinery needs a big factory to allocate the machine. As well as, it requires more staff to operate.

Cutting Machine

Packed machinery

After he had received the machine, he faced some difficulties with the roller speed. But with our guidance, we managed to overcome it.

Customer Review

Parameter Seting

The picture above is the control of the belt speed. You can change the speed according to your need. We will guide you along the process.

A Short Video on The Production Process

Darin is the best choice for your factory. We provide high-quality machinery, and our service experts are ready to serve you. So do not hesitate to drop us a message now!


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