Pet Dog Meat Strip Processing Line Make a machine working video
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Pet Dog Meat Strip Processing Line Make a machine working video

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Pet Treat Processing Line Machine is equipment for producing pet snacks, suitable for pet food without casing directly baked meat and meat products, widely used in pet food article beef, article chicken, beef rod, chicken rod production and processing.

Dog meat strip machine is Darin's patent, it can use high percentage of meat pasta as raw materials to make meat strip, different sizes and shapes can be made by changing molds.

The machine is also equipped with auto tray system to load trays automatically, saving labor cost.

Features & Advantages

- The characteristics is discharging speed, output evenly, can infuse bowel flesh lump, can also be used to fill the mi bowel, flexible, convenient and free loading, high efficiency, continuous production capacity, and cleaning convenient, suitable for various types of production enterprises.

- The equipment is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, with high quality in intensity, reliable and durable, convenient cleaning, adopt gear two-way extrusion type structure, with high pressure, rotation smoothly.

- Adopts step-less speed control, more suitable for your job requirements. Additional screw pushing device, particularly applicable to input materials.

- It is necessary equipment for pet food zero article bare rods meat processing line


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