Dog Treat Machine Line delivered to Ireland ​- May 2019
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Dog Treat Machine Line delivered to Ireland ​- May 2019

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May 2019 - Pet Treat Machinery Line delivered to Ireland

We are Darin located in Shandong, China. We have rich experience in producing machinery and exporting them worldwide. Provide one-stop service and top-quality machines for different kinds of extruding and puffing needs.

This client is an engineering expert in the pet food-producing industry with 30 years of experience. He recently started his very own pet treat line. Through communication, he saw our professionalism as our service expert can answer all his inquiries. He gets trust in us and decided to get the full line in pet treats machinery. Currently, he is still working with us to get spare parts for his machinery.

Introduction of Pet Chewing Treat Production Line

Darin’s pet treats extruding line focuses on the dental care of our family members. They might not cooperate when we brush their tooth. Long time without dental care, they will get tooth decay or dental calculus. Therefore, regularly consuming this chewing dental treatment can effectively prevent these dental illnesses.

Furthermore, it can prevent the degeneration of our pet’s biting force, it is their nature. We should teach them the right way to release these energies. And not destroy our home.

Some of the purchased machinery detailed explanation:



This is the most important step in the whole production process, it cooked raw ingredients. Extruding was the step after mixing the raw ingredient, like starches, to produce dog chew treats. This machine is a single screw extruder that operates at a high temperature with 7 heat coiling, and with strong pressure too.



With these few molds giving the shapes of the dog treat, there are still other patterns to choose from. Furthermore, you can design and customize your own shape. This step actually can attract customers’ attention, with Darin’s machinery you can successfully gain profits.

Cutter and Shaper machine

Shaper and Cutting machine

This machine can cut the chewing snacks into regular shapes and sizes, you can decide on the length you want your snacks to be.

Cooling Conveyor

Cooling Conveyor

This is a lengthy product yet very useful product; it cools down our end products and fastens the cooling process as it has Darin’s very own mini fans.

Small video on the process for you

Darin is a choice that you will never regret, we provide excellent machinery and services for all our customers and potential customer. We will continue improving to provide better solutions that are over your expectations.


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