Dog Dental Treat Machinery delivered to Southern Africa
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Dog Dental Treat Machinery delivered to Southern Africa

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Dog Dental Treat Machinery delivered to Southern Africa

Darin is a producer of puffing machinery for pets and humans. We are established in 2011, we are specialized in all kinds of puffing and extrusion machinery. Darin is experienced in exporting our types of machinery worldwide.

pet treats line

This customer is from South Africa and has years of experience producing pet food. This is not the first time he is buying machinery from Darin. A few years ago, he bought his very first piece of pet biscuit machinery from Darin.

Currently, he is deciding on a new piece of machinery. Through conversations with him, my colleague’s feedback to me is that he is very professional and knowledgeable about all kinds of machinery that produce pet kibbles.

He told my colleague he is interested in the pet chewing treat extruding line. My colleague and technician assist him throughout the process. Before, the order is delivered my colleague arranged for a trial run to test out the machine with the customer online.

Upon the machinery reached South Africa, we arranged the training on the setup with them and test the running. They started their production smoothly, in a few days, when everything was ready.

A few months later, we did an after-sales call to this customer, he feedbacks that the dog’s chewy machinery is marvelous. For most of his customers’ feedback to him, the dental chew is very popular among pet lovers.

Intro on dog dental chew machinery

Chewy pet treat machine

Dog dental chew machinery is produced to take care of dogs’ dental problems, it is a chewy and semi-moist pet treat. It comes in various shapes, with different colors, and is twisted. Thus, the machine is also named the twisted dog treat machine.

Flow Chart of the twisted dog treat machine line:

Flour mixer → Screw Conveyor → Single Screw Extruder → Twisting Machine → Cooling Conveyor → Cutting Machine → Hoister → Cooling Dryer

Darin provided different Capacity of Dog Treat Machinery:

Different Capacity of Dog Chewy Treat Machinery

Currently, we are still in contact with him, to assist him with all his inquiries. Darin’s mindset is to grow up with our customers and to assist our customers in achieving success. This will be the most rewarding part of the whole business.

Video on the production

Darin is an experienced pet machinery producer, we supply machinery for factories, and we welcome beginners to start the business project with Darin. We will provide help with the layout of the machinery in your factory.


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