Semi-moist Dog Chews Machine Operation Video
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Semi-moist Dog Chews Machine Operation Video

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Pet Treats Extruding Line / Semi-moist Dog Chews Machine Operation Video

Darin machinery was established in 2011, specializing in pet food and treat productions. Today I will be showing a small operation video on this semi-moist pet treat extruding machinery.

This pet chewy machinery is very popular among manufacturers as it has a large market. This is due to the increasing awareness of our pet’s oral health. Preventing tooth decay, calculus, and bad breath. The product of this chew machine can distract dogs’ attention to destroy our house. The chewy treat will use up our dogs’ time to bite and chew the treat. This dog chew machinery can produce different designs of pet chewing treats.

Main Machinery and Treats Designs


Extruder Barrel


Cooling Dryer

Extruder Barrel

This is the main machine of the dog treats extruder, it includes 7 heating rings to cook the ingredients.


The cutting machine will cut the end-products to different lengths, with a minimum of 5mm and a maximum length of 150mm.

Cooling Dryer

The cooling dryer will remove the moisture content of the treats, enhancing the shelf life of the pet treats.

Dual Color Dog Treats

Single Color Twisted Treats

Bacon Dog Chewy Treats

Dual Color Dog Treats

This design is made by two single screw extruders.

Single Twist Dog Treats

This design is made by a single screw extruder.

Bacon Dog Chewy Treats

These double-colored treats are made with a special mold, to create this unique design.

The picture on top is the main machines in the chewy treats production line. And also, some of the end-product designs that Darin provides, with the suggested needed machinery to produce it.

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