Pet Treat – Meat Chunks Processing Machinery Line Operation Video
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Pet Treat – Meat Chunks Processing Machinery Line Operation Video

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Pet Treat – Meat Chunks Processing Machinery Line Operation Video

Darin specially presented meat chunks machinery, the best machinery lines to manufacture extra-ordinary pet treats for our furry friends. Darin is an experienced company in the market for over a decade. We focused on both domestic and foreign markets providing you with tremendous services.

What is meat chunk-making machinery?

Dog Food Meat Chunk Machine

Meat Chunk Machinery can be used to produce beef, chicken, codfish, and salmon cubes. The machinery comes in different designed molds, it can also be customized according to your preference.

Meat Chunks are nutritious for our pets and support their daily needs. It is suitable as a daily nutrition supplement, for training purpose, and strengthen the bonding of our pet with us.

Intro of Dog Treats Meat Bites Making Machinery Line

1. Flowchart

Filling Materials → Forming Shape → Demolding → Conveying

2. The chain belt is made of stainless steel and the hopper is made of food-grade stainless steel.

3. The mixing blades are cross-designed and installed at an angle, which can evenly and stably fill the materials into the mold cavities, without ingredient wastage.

4. The full meat bites machinery line is controlled by Siemen’s PLC and touch screen. Furthermore, we provide different languages including, English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc. Which is user-friendly for customers all over the world.

5. The machinery is equipped with three sets of mechanical pressing molds, they are progressive pressing types. The molds would be clamped before pressing to keep material overflowing from the mold bottom.

Three sets of progressive molds make the material pressed tighter; thus, it will prevent the treats from scattering. Furthermore, do not hurt materials, and to minimize the material wastage.

6. The Meat Bite Machinery comes with an auto scraping device to remove the extra ingredients, for recycling after the next press.

7. The forming molds are made by PTFE and include 75 pieces. The mold cavity can be designed with different shapes and sizes as the customer’s requirements. Such as cylinder, ball, square, round cake, heart, and triangle.

8. Furthermore, the dog treats meat chunk machinery is equipped with sensors to accurately check the position of the mold. So, the pressing mold could be tightly fit.

9. There is also an Auto Water Spraying Cleaning System used for cleaning the molds after de-molding.

10. PTFE makes the conveying belt to avoid the materials sticking to the belt, in addition, it also meets food grades.

11. The machinery uses a high-performance frequency inverter, easy to adjust speed, and high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

In a nutshell, Darin provides superior puffing and extruding machinery at an attractive price. We had been in the market for more than 10 years. Currently, our machinery lines includes puffing and extruding machinery, which produce human snacks and tidbet. Darin Machinery Lines have been exported to 70 countries worldwide. Contact us now for more information.


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