Cereal Corn Flakes Extruding Line Working Video
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Cereal Corn Flakes Extruding Line Working Video

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Corn Flakes Extruding Line produces corn flakes, breakfast cereals, and puff snacks similar to Kellogg and Nestle products, the shapes and sizes can be various. The production process of making corn flakes: Mixing materials - Extruding - Flaking - Drying - Toasting - Oil Spraying - Drying - Cooling.

The main Cereal Corn Flakes Extruding Lin are: Mixer, Extruder, Flakes forming machine, Drying oven, Oil spraying, High-temprature Drying Oven, Cooling, Packaging Machine and some conveyors, air conveyor etc.

  • Powder Mixer Equipment: 304 stainless steel material of the drum shell, steel blade stirring blade, corn flour added nutritional additives and a certain proportion of water to mix evenly.

  • Double-screw extruder: The advanced twin-screw extruding structure is adopted, and the end of the screw adopts an elongated shear screw sleeve, which can make the material expand better.

  • Three-layer fuel oven: The temperature of the oven is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0-200 degrees. The interior is a stainless steel double-layer net bag. The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed to remove moisture. There are three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer stainless steel ovens.

  • Drum-type high-temperature oven: high-temperature baking, corn flakes crispy, sweet and delicious

  • Drum-type oil spraying line is mainly used for spraying oil on the surface of corn flakes coming out of the baking oven to make the color, aroma and taste of corn flakes more distinctive

  • Three-layer extended fuel oil oven: Drying the moisture of the finished product for the third time, extending the shelf life of the product

  • Cooling machine: It is used to cool the products after baking, to ensure the quality of corn flakes after packaging and to extend the shelf life.

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