Cereal Bar Processing Line delivered to Argentina
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Cereal Bar Processing Line delivered to Argentina

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Cereal Bar Processing Line delivered to Argentina  

We are Darin, a processed food extruder and puff machinery manufacturer and supplier. We were in the market since 2011, providing high-standard machinery. Currently, our machines are operating in 70 countries worldwide.

This customer is expanding his factory line to introduce a new machine to his factory. So, we did a lot of communication to introduce the different lines of the granola-making machine. Through communications, we settle and sort out the machinery he is most interested in.

This customer is very cautious when making his order. He double-checked with us many times before putting the order. The whole process took us about two years. Currently, the cereal bar cutting machinery is still on sea transporting to Argentina.

We were very happy to build trust with him, we are willing to take the extra mile to build trust for him. So, the next time he could trust online shopping not only with our company.

Introduction to Cereal Bar Machinery

You might be wondering what this machine can do. It only varies on the ingredient you used for your end-products. It can be granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, as well as cereal bars.

The following picture 1-3 showcase the Bar Former and Separating Devices:



Bar Former and Separating Devices Picture 3

Bar Former and Separating Devices Picture 1

Bar Former and Separating Devices Picture 2


This Bar Former Machinery uses a roller to press the ingredients evenly and Separating Device cut the ingredients vertically into long strips. Then, it is cut horizontally into smaller pieces, this makes it easier to spray chocolate coating for the snacks.


Picture 4 shows the Chocolate Decorator:

Chocolate Decorator

This equipment is used to decorate our cereal bar, normally using chocolate or other liquid syrup. This is to attract customers to make the purchase and enhance the tastiness.

Video Clip 

In conclusion, Darin is an experienced food puffing and extrusion machinery company. We focused on our products as well as services. Darin is doing exportation since we set up the company. So do not procrastinate and drop us a message now!


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