Why puffed food machinery - 3 advantages of puffed food
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Why puffed food machinery - 3 advantages of puffed food

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Why puffed food machinery - 3 advantages of puffed food

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Darin is a company producing food process machinery, the end products target both humans and animals. We have great experience in producing machinery and a strong R&D team to enhance your user experience.

Healthy ingredients

The plant ingredients, such as oats, and wheat contain lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. The protein-rich wheat and oats expand due to high temperatures and short extrusion, in the puffed extruder.

Better for absorption

The protein is completely denatured, and the tissue structure becomes porous, which is conducive to contact with the human digestive. After the puffed process line, the ingredients’ preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high. Furthermore, as the structure changes the calories are also reduced.

Consume a wide variety of complex carbohydrate

Corn, rice, sorghum, wheat, and other grains are the most common ingredients in puffed snacks. When the extruded products are cooked at high temperature, the high-temperature steam will melt the starch molecules, then the steam will be pushed out of the vessel by the extrusion screw and enter a cooling zone.

Some precautions for production

When producing puffed snacks avoid overheating, it is necessary to control the moisture of the raw materials. It is also necessary to control the moisture of the ingredients and the end products too.

The puffed snacks will be cut into pieces in the next process. Finally, you will need a packing machine to packet your production for sales. The succeed in the business you need well-designed packaging for marketing, as well as a wonderful taste. With a good pack design, consumers decide whether to make the purchase and the taste, is for long prospective will they purchase next time.

If the production line is not used for a long time, it is necessary to dismantle the puffed snacks machine and clean it. After cleaning and drying, it is necessary to replace the machine according to the operation manual.

In conclusion, Darin provides the highest standard of customer service to assist you along the way in starting up your plants.


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