Why dry pet foods machinery is best for your investment?
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Why dry pet foods machinery is best for your investment?

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Darin Machinery is one of the leading pet food machinery manufacturer in China. We are a member of APPA, USA and also the Deputy President Unit of SDPIA. Providing high quality dry pet food machinery line at attractive prices, and excellent customer service experience.

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  1. Dry feed is more concentrated 90% solid

    Generally, dry dog food contains only about 10% of moisture, which means that you are paying for concentrated food that are rich in nutrition. This is beneficial for your pet to meet their daily mineral needs.

  2. Dry pet food is more economical

    Dry dog and cat food - is the most economical solution to feed your pets. Even if you purchase food that of super premium class, you will still spend less than canned or homemade home. Furthermore, it will not cause addiction.

  3. Dry food is easy for storage

    Storage dry pet food in dry place away from direct sunlight. As it contains low moisture, it will effectively reduce bacteria growth. Furthermore, dry pet food obtains a longer shelf life.

  4. Dry kibbles will effectively reduce plaque occuring

    Normally, pets refuse to brush teeth, which may cause oral problems, with the dry kibbles it will bring away some of the plaque to our pet’s teeth. Furthermore, Darin Machinery also provides pet biscuit machinery line for you if you are interested contact us now.

In conclusion, Darin provides wonderful pet food manufacturing line, that is operation in more than 70 countries worldwide. Darin provide assistance to guide you along the starting up of your factory. Talk to us now, to find out more.


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