India Customers Sharing Darin Machinery
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India Customers Sharing Darin Machinery

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India Customers Sharing Darin Machinery

Darin Machinery specialized in food extruding machinery lines. We have provided machinery lines for more than 70 countries worldwide. We developed high standards for our machines to ensure the consistency of production, quality, and lastingness of our food machinery lines.

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My colleague’s customer is from India, and he grabs the opportunity to visit our factory outlet in China. He came up to Jinan with his best friend. During the visit, we brought them to our factory to view the operating machinery we have in the factory and toured around Jinan.

Before the business tour, my colleague suggested going to the hotpot for lunch, as they had just arrived. Thus, she brought them to Kuan Hou Li (a street full of local foods). Then, they visited Jinan’s famous attraction Daming Lake.

They headed to Darin’s factory the next day. They are impressed by the machinery lines we had in the factory. With my colleague’s detailed and professional explanations. They had a clear view of the machines.

My colleague also further explained the smelling sense of humans is incomparable to dogs and cats. They are super sensitive to these expectations. The customers agreed with her point of view and felt the importance of the pet kibble’s tastiness, which is the principal aspect when coming to pets choosing their food. Thus, they decided to get the flavoring system for their production line.

Flavoring Drum

They plan to change and upgrade their pet feed machinery line partially each time to minimize the cost input. Upon receiving the flavoring machinery, we provided the customer with a video tutorial on the installation and operation. A few months later, my colleague made a feedback call.

The customer feedback about the machine was operating smoothly and well with their machinery line. They are pleased about it. And send us photos of their factory. A year ago, they contacted us to make their second order on the packing machine system. Currently, this packing machinery is also operating well in India. We are both looking forward to the next collaboration.

In conclusion, choosing Darin, you will never go wrong. Darin Machinery was in the market since 2011, providing premium-quality food processing machinery at a reasonable price. Please find out more information about us with our consultants now!


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