4 differences between aquatic feed and normal pet feed
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4 differences between aquatic feed and normal pet feed

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4 differences between aquatic feed and normal pet feed

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You may be wondering if producing aquatic feed with a pet food machinery line is profitable. When producing fish feeds, please includes the large market in fish farming. Where fishes are raised in enclosures to further be sold as food.

Now, let’s start on today’s topic, the difference between aquatic food and pet foods.

1.     Small

As fishes, aquatic animals have a short digestive tract, and small pieces of feed with are more suitable for them. Furthermore, based on the physiological characteristics of aquatics to speed up their digestion and adsorption process. Aquatic should be fed with feeds that are smaller than the crumb size of fish feed.

2.    High protein and low carbohydrate content.

Fish feed needs to be high in protein content, to support the fish’s nutritional needs. It is advised protein content is 30 – 40%. This is to ensure the nutritional value of these farm fishes.

3.    Highly compressed

The fish pellet needs to be compact. With high cohesiveness and water resistance. So that, it can effectively reduce the impact of contaminating the water source.

4.    It will not cross-contaminate the pool.

Some of the materials need to be processed before use. You as a manufacturer need to clean your machinery regularly. Especially when you are also producing other types of feeds using the same machinery line.

In a nutshell, these are also some precautions to take note of when producing fish feeds. Darin is a company, which put great effort into our food machinery, ensuring its quality. Assisting all our customers to achieve their production goals. This will make us feel a sense of fulfillment. Contact us now!


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