Why pet puffing technology machine are used?
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Why pet puffing technology machine are used?

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Our company, Darin provide the latest puffing technology that targets different customer need, meeting their expectation, we provide consistent service standard for all customers. We were in the market since 2011, providing machinery for over 70 countries.

Why pet puffing technology machine are used?

pet puffing technology machine

When the pet food machine finished running, the pet food had a unique aroma. The puffing technology process breaks down the intermolecular bonds of starch. At the same time, it also breaks down the long-chain structure of proteins and fats into shorter chains. These factors aid digestion for your pets, and it is easy for them to absorb. 

Why does pet food vary for different animals? 

Pet food is inverted for animals, it is low in salt, oil, and sugar-free. Meet different animals' nutrition, as it varies from dog to cat. Cats are carnivores they consume prey high in protein, moderate fats, and a minimal amount of carbohydrates. While dogs need high carbohydrates, fibers, and moderate proteins and fats. This shows us that different animals have had different nutritional needs.

How the dry pet food produce?

Extrusion technology is when the machine contains certain high levels of moisture with a high temperature. The pet food puffing machine will cook your dry and wet ingredients, and it changes the ingredient's physical state, forming a paste. At the same point in time, the paste is undergoing great force, vigorously squeezed, stirring. Extra moisture vapors, the dough-like ingredient ejected from the hole, instant pressure changes and generate the product into a compressed, crisp structure. 

pet puffing technology machine

All in all, Darin machines are high in quality, user-friendly, and save electricity. Our research team captures all the latest technology and works hand in hand with our technical team to produce excellent machinery.


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