Why is there a need to invest in a pet kibble machine?
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Why is there a need to invest in a pet kibble machine?

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We are Darin, located in Shandong, China. We are a company exporting food processing machinery overseas for a decade. Darin's philosophy is to guide our customers along the way of food innovation, providing them with technical support.

Could I feed my pet with human food?

Pets Kibbles

It is a question your customer may ask you, as the manufacturer. Your answer is easy to see. It is a no-no for sure. Humans' digestive systems can digest and absorb food that is high in oil, sugar, salt, and spice. However, our pets are unable to do so.

But if it is cooked specially for your loved pet, it will be alright. As you will cut down on the spices used. And use ingredients that are high in nutritional needs to meet their daily needs.

However, nowadays people are getting busier with their work and have no time to cook. Thus kibbles are present to feed our family members. It is the best principal food source. Dry pet food is scientifically formula according to pet eating habits and nutrition needs. Occasionally, you can give wet food as a supplement of nutrients.  

Why a Pet food processing machine?

pet kibble machine

Kibble aids in our pets' digestion system, easy to absorb. As a result, it can help to increase the natural shine of our pets’ fur, reducing fur loss. Kibbles are convenient to feed and store with longer shelf life.

Darin’s pet food/kibbles making machine is well-known in the industry, providing high-quality machinery. It is a fully automatic system, which only requires a few workers to operate the machine. We guide along with the installation and operation.

All in all, Darin is a company that started in 2011. We are professional in all types of extruding machines. Our machines are used in over 70 countries, providing them with an extraordinary experience. If you are interested, do not hesitate to get a quotation now!


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