Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?
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Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?

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We are Darin, China, a company providing high-quality food processing machinery targeting both human and animals foods. We have been in the market since 2011, with rich experience. Currently, our machinery is already working in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?

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A cold dog treats extrusion machine is better than a traditional extrusion machine, as it can process pet treats at a relatively low temperature, this prevents nutritional leakage, especially some vitamins and minerals that can be damaged due to high heat cooking. This cold extrusion machine technically avoids reactions like protein denaturation, discoloration, and moisture purging. The cold extruder pet treats processing machine is user-friendly. As it is an automatic system production line controlled by our LCD screen monitor. We provide different sizes, shapes, and different capacity machines. You can even make sandwich products with two different ingredients using our machine.

What is Cold extrusion?

Cold extrusion is a machine that can process food at room temperature, it is a lot better than under hot extrusion. As hot extrusion is lacking in oxidation, affecting the end product appearance. Cold extrusion dog treat machinery, can control the reduction in pH level, preventing some microbes and bacteria from duplicating.

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