Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?
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Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?

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We are Darin, China, a company providing high-quality food processing machinery targeting both human and animals foods. We have been in the market since 2011, with rich experience. Currently, our machinery is already working in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Why does Darin's cold dog treat machines is better?

cold dog treat machines

A cold dog treats extrusion machine is better than a traditional extrusion machine, as it can process pet treats at a low temperature. Preventing nutritional leakage, especially when you are adding vitamins and minerals that can be damaged due to high heat cooking, providing high nutritional products.

The cold extruder pet treats processing machine is user-friendly. As it is an automatic system production line controlled by our LCD screen monitor. We provide assorted sizes and shapes of molds. And a different production capacity machines models, that can meet different desired producing quantity, with a consistent of final products appearances. You can even make sandwich products with two different ingredients using our machine.

What is Cold extrusion?

Cold extrusion refers to a process that extrudate at locations downstream from the die. This extrusion process pumps the ingredients through the die, without additional external thermal energy. It is a dough preparing process that kneads, mixes, cuts, shape the final products. It used to produce high-end products like pet treats, etc.

Furthermore, cold extrusion is a low-shear systems and would create a low pressure as compared to the upstream die.

Darin’s Pet Treat Making Process

1. Baking*

The raw ingredients start off from baking, to kill bacterial, germs, etc. that are unsafe for our pets.

2. Grinding*

Grind the baked products into powder preparing it for the next step of process.

3. Cold Extrusion

*If you choose cooked and powdered ingredients, these steps are optional  

There are two different capacities provided by Darin:

Single Head Extruder with a production capacity of 100kg/h, this is suitable for small productions and single-colored treats. If you are interested in double-colored final products, opt for two extruding machines. You can produce more designs.

Furthermore, if you have special require on the pattern of the finish products, please notify your consultants, we can customize you desired pattern.

Cold dog treats

Cold Pet Treat Extrusion Machinery Operation Video

To be simple, working with Darin will be a choice you will never regret, we provide excellent before sales service for our potential customers, we have online customer service to solve all your inquiries, and our after-sales service team is also ready for you, to help you to set up our machinery by providing video training to operate the machinery. So do not hesitate, to contact us now!


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