Why Pet Biscuit Machinery Line?
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Why Pet Biscuit Machinery Line?

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Darin is a company that produces high-quality food processing machinery lines at attractive prices. We had been in the market since 2011 and started exporting our food machines in the same year. Currently, Darin Machinery Lines is operating in more than 70 countries.

Product Description: Pet Biscuit Machinery Line is used for pets’ dental health; it can remove plaque and maintain the good breath of our furry friends. This machinery line had effectively realized automatic operation. You have control over the thickness of the biscuit (end-product), the speed regulation, and the temperature too.

The pet biscuit-making line is produced with advanced technology. Which is consistently high in output, user-friendly, and well-designed structured.

The appearance of the end-product: Pet treat biscuits will come with a unique aroma, appetizing color, and different shapes (can be customized).

Raw materials: Flour, Meat Meal, Vegetable Oil, Etc.

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3-phase electricity (standard). However, the voltage can be designed according to customer-specific requirements.

The production process:


* Wastage edge will be collected for the next round of the process; thus, it minimizes the wastage

Pet biscuit machinery body and ingredient contacting machinery parts are made of stainless steel. Which are of the high-hygiene standard, corrosion-resistant, and resulted to prolong the service life of Darin’s Machinery Line.

Detailed Process:

1.    Dough Mixer

A mixing machine kneads the ingredients with water into a smooth dough. This supporting machinery can be used alone or with other equipment. The food contact parts are all nickel-plated, and the hopper is made of 304 stainless steel meeting the needs of different food requirements.

2.   Rolling & Cutting Biscuit Machinery

After the dough is ready, this machine will press and roll it into the dough sheet. There are three rollers, to ensure the thickness of the skin/ dough sheet is even. Then, it will pass through the roller-cutting mold to form biscuits.

The thickness of the biscuit can be adjusted arbitrarily. Different shapes can be easily produced by changing the molds, such as bone, round, triangles, etc. shapes. Darin especially presents the customized shape of molds too.

Darin Pet Biscuit Machinery is equipped with a recycling system, the cut-off leftover pieces of ingredients will be reused in the next batch of production. These so-called “cut-off leftovers” are clean and fresh to be used, furthermore, it minimizes the wastage.

3.   Tunnel Oven

Used to bake the biscuits, it consists of an oven tunnel, mesh belt, transmission system, chimney, electric pipe, and control box. It uses an infrared electric heating method to bake the biscuit evenly. You can control the temperature of the oven precisely by the control box.

The tunnel oven has been divided into several different zones, with each zone’s temperature can be controlled separating.

4.   Oil Sprayer (Optional*)

It is used to spray oil evenly on the surface of the pet treat biscuits so that it gives a glossy finishing and yummy taste. A centrifugal pump is used to extract oil from the oil drum, the amount of oil can be controlled by the valve.

The machinery is driven by a motor, in addition, it is equipped with a temperature control device so that it is always at a perfect temperature. The nozzle can be adjusted 360 degrees rotated.

5.    Cooling Conveyor (Optional*)

Effectively cooling down the biscuits to room temperature, preparing for the packaging and storage. The conveying speed can be adjusted by the frequency of conversation, according to your preference.

*Optional, however, it is highly recommended to have, making the processing more convenient.

A video on Pet Biscuit Processing Machinery Line

As a Dariner, I would like to say most of the feedback on our machines are positive. We, Darin, focus on our customers’ diverse needs, providing clients with desirable machinery and lifetime aftersales services. Contact us now~


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