Processing advantages of pet biscuit forming machine
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Processing advantages of pet biscuit forming machine

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In order to increase the interest of pets eating, pet food can be made into various shapes, even specific shapes, such as dog bone-shaped food for pet dogs. For this kind of special shape dog food, it is mostly injection molded. Today Darin Machinery shares the processing advantages of pet food molding machine.

The existing pet food molding process is generally:

The food raw materials are put into the injection molding machine and extruded after heating. Then fix the molding template at the extrusion port of the injection molding machine (called the fixed mold), move the movable mold of the injection molding machine to fit with the fixed mold, inject the molten food into the mold cavity of the fixed mold, and keep the pressure for a period of time. After time, the movable mold is removed, and the fixed mold is taken out to cool and demould to form pet food .

Processing advantages of pet biscuit forming machine:

The injection molding machine is used to heat food raw materials, and at the same time, it is used to inject the molten food raw materials into the cavity of the fixed mold. The turntable is used to place the fixed mold, and the insert plate is used to insert the fixed mold, thereby realizing the fixing of the fixed mold. In addition, the turntable is also used to rotate the fixed mold. Since there are cavities on both sides of the fixed mold, after injection molding on one side of the fixed mold, the turntable can be rotated to drive the fixed mold to rotate, and the other side of the fixed mold can be used for injection molding.

Both sides of the fixed mold can be formed, which effectively improves the utilization rate of the fixed mold. To a certain extent, the frequency of replacing the fixed mold is reduced, the manual operation process is omitted, and the efficiency of the entire pet The food molding process is improved.

The production of pet biscuits needs to go through the links of live material, molding, baking, cooling, etc. The pet biscuits production line can automatically complete these tasks.


Darin pet biscuit production line processing flow:

Mixing Materials - Pressing - Forming - Baking - Seasoning - Cooling

Processing characteristics of Darin pet biscuit production line

1. Hundreds of molds and dozens of technical formulas make it possible to produce various popular biscuits such as cream biscuits, calcium biscuits, multivitamin biscuits, and vegetable biscuits.

2. The Darin pet biscuit production line can produce various shapes, such as round, bone, triangle, heart, long, etc.

3. It can be freely combined according to the customer's workshop space conditions and biscuit process requirements.

4. All the mechanical circuits of the production line adopt imported electrical components and frequency conversion speed regulation. They are energy-efficient and reliable, and can be controlled individually or in combination.

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