Top 3 Amazing Food Extrusion Machinery Line
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Top 3 Amazing Food Extrusion Machinery Line

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Today I will be sharing a few amazing Darin food processing extrusion machinery lines with you all. To give you a clear vision of some popular machinery lines and how to collect data from the public to support you to begin your project.


  1. Breakfast Cereal Extruding Production Line

  2. Operation Video of Corn Flakes Machinery Line

  3. Instant Noodles Production Line

  4. Operation Video of Instant Noodle Machinery Line

  5. Pasta Extruding Line

  6. Operation Video of Shell Macaroni Machinery Line

Without further ado, the ranking starts from the top, the most popular machinery line. Data were collected by Darin’s Management. Ultimate details are included with operation videos to the actual performance of our machinery lines.


Breakfast Cereal Extruding Production Line

Breakfast Cereal Extruding Production Line

You might be wondering why the breakfast cereal production line is top in place? Let me share with you. It is all about turning a habit into an opportunity. As Westerners love corn flakes during their breakfast, it is sold at a constant high speed and in large quantities. Now, the need for breakfast cereal is still increasing at an incredible rate.

Darin's advanced food process technology helps to keep the natural micronutrients and vitamins. Darin's cornflake processing line enables you to produce products, such as sugar-free for diabetes customers, wholegrain, and low fats cereals. It all depends on the recipe you used.

This breakfast cereal line consists of different machines, it collaborated and worked together to form a system. Namely, mixing, extruding, flaking, toasting, sugar coating, and cooling machines.

The different machines have different responsibilities in the production line.

1.     Mixing Machine

It is used to mix the raw ingredients. For example, corn flour, rice flour, etc. with liquid. To prepare and get the ingredients ready for the next step.

2.    Extruding Machine

This machine serves as the brain of the whole procession line as it is the most crucial part of the process. It operates continuously to cook ingredients under high pressure and temperature.

3.    Flaking

The extrusion machine will dice the semi-finished products into corn flakes. Giving the semi-final look to the products. Different molds will provide different patterns for the final products.

4.    Toasting Machine

This equipment allows you to choose the layer of the roaster, you can make a special order for this machinery. Our standard dryer is a 5-layer roaster, to remove the excess moisture from the finished products. It is commonly used in different aspects of food production.

5.     Flavoring Drum (sugar coating*)

It includes flavoring and an oil spray drum, to evenly spray the oil onto the finished products, giving it a naturally glossy, which can increase consumer willingness to purchase it. As well, the system will add taste to the finished products.

6.     Cooling Machine

The final products are similar to Kellogg and Nestle products. Darin breakfast cereal machinery line can produce final products with different shapes and patterns. By simply changing the mold dies.

Operation Video of Corn Flakes Machinery Line

Corn Flake Machine Line Production Capacity


Instant noodle processing line

Instant Noodles Production Line

Darin’s Instant Noodles Making Line was well designed systematically. Every step of the noodles production is taken great care of, ensuring the noodles are produced at high quality. Furthermore, Darin knows that hygiene, cleanliness, and safety is the most critical aspect.

Darin's experts spend years researching and designing the noodle process line, and now our machines are all certified by CE, ISO 9001. Our machines adopt a highly automatic system, bringing you a wonderful experience working with Darin instant noodle process machine.  

Detailed Guide of Machines 

1.     Dough Maker

Mix the flour with the perfect amount of water and knead the dough evenly until it is smooth and ready to use when comes to the next step.

2.    Forming & Rippling

The dough will be cut into noodles. That is with curves, the purpose of the specific shape is to maintain the instant noodle in shape during transportation, without breaking it.

3.    Steaming Oven

Next will be steaming the instant noodle, this step will further maintain the noodle shape, avoiding it sticking together.

4.    Cutting

It will be cut into specific portions, and we will provide different molding shapes. Thus, your final products could be in a square or round shapes.

5.    Frying

The instant noodles will be hardened, excessive moisture will be removed.

6.    Cooling

This stage is to cool down the final products for packing.

Lastly, using Darin’s instant noodle extruding machine enhances the taste of your products. Make your instant noodles chewy, providing your customer fulfillment after eating. The machinery can produce round and square shapes of instant noodles.  

If you are interested in this machinery, do contact us, we will provide you with professional advice.

Operation Video of Instant Noodle Machinery Line 

Instant Noodles Machinery Line Capacity of Production


Pasta machine

Pasta Extruding Line

Pasta has become a worldwide popular food. It originated in Italy, spreading to Euro countries, expanding to the whole western region. Until now, the sales of pasta are still increasing. Thus, investing in a Pasta Extruding Machinery Line will be a wonderful choice. 

1. Description

Automatic macaroni pasta production line/pasta making machine/pasta processing machine through extruding cooking; the pellet can be different shapes like shell, spiral, square tube, circle tube, and so on. After drying, excessive moisture will be removed, thus, shelf life will be effectively extended.

2. Raw materials: Automatic macaroni pasta production line/pasta making machine/pasta processing machine adopts potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, wheat flour, corn flour, etc. as raw ingredients.

Darin’s pasta-making machine provides different molds, creating different shapes. For example, shell, spiral, square tube, etc. It is a fully automatic system, requiring only a few workers to control the whole system.

3. Flow chart:

Flow chart of pasta machinery line

Mixing system---Extrusion system----Cutting system---Drying system--Packing system. For a detailed explanation view of instant noodles sections are similar, anything unsure you can also drop us a message, our consultants will reply to you ASAP.

4. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can customize according to customers’ local voltage.

Operation Video of Shell Macaroni Machinery Line

Pasta Machinerys Production Capacity

Based on our research, these are the top 3 machines that meet the eating habits of Westerners. That you should invest in, it will bring you attractive profit. You can choose different production capacities that are suitable for you.  

Darin has been in the market since 2011. We are professional in all kinds of food processing machines. We look forward to having you onboard to begin our journey. If you are interested in our machinery lines, feel free to contact us now!


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