Protein Bar Forming Machinery Line
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Protein Bar Forming Machinery Line

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Protein Bar Forming Machinery Line

Are you considering expanding your factory by increasing a new machinery line? Darin Machinery is here to assist you. We provide excellent machinery lines for our customers at great prices. Darin was established in 2011, through these years, we have grown big and strong, offering professional services.

Today, I will be introducing our latest upgraded Protein Bar Machinery Lines, it is innovated by our experienced engineer experts’ team. The machinery line can produce protein bars, dates bars, fruit bars, energy bars, and of course protein bars for sure.

The full protein bar extrusion line is controlled by PLC and touch screen, it is user-friendly and fully automatic. The body of the machine is fully made of stainless steel, that are of high quality, thus, the material will prevent itself from getting rusty.

Advantages of Protein Bar Extruding Machinery Line

1. Centralized control, it is a cabinet that could control the full line of machinery; thus, it can be easily operated.

2. Darin selected Siemens PLC and touchscreen for you, they are all from the trustable brand. Furthermore, when you need a replacement, you can easily find it from the supplier or contact us for assistance. The system provides a variety of languages including, English, Spanish, French, etc.

3. You can use a wide choice of ingredients to process your products. For example, oats, whey protein, pop rice, sesame, dry fruit, peanuts, almond, raisins, etc.

4. The Protein Bar Processing Line can produce different sizes, and shapes, by simply changing the molds. We provide regular shapes like squares, balls, hearts, rings, cakes, sticks, etc. If you have any special requests for the mold shapes can speak to your customer service consultant.

5. The molds are made by HMWHDPE, it is a non-sticking material that is easy to clean. We will be providing 36 pieces of molds, they are all food-graded materials.

6. Darin also has other lines that can produce similar products, however, this is the only line that adopts the extrusion processing method, if you are interested can also take a look at the cereal bar molding line.  

7. The voltage can be customized if you have any special requests just notify your consultant.

In conclusion, Darin was a trustable company, providing professional services and premium quality machinery lines. That varies from pet food & treats to human snacks and processed foods. We have rich experience in exporting our machines overseas. Currently, our machinery lines are operating in over 70 countries worldwide. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us now, to get the best quotation.


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