How to produce dog food for beginners?
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How to produce dog food for beginners?

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How to produce kibbles food for beginners?

Pet kibbles

Darin's pet food production line was specially dedicated to all kinds of animals, it is all based on the raw ingredients. However, it is a bit different for fish float. Pet dry foods are the principal source of our pet diet. Thus, if you are a beginner preparing to start up a factory outlet producing pet foods, this dog food machine will be the first choice of all. These are the precaution you need to know, so please continue reading.

Darin pet kibbles machinery is all you need to get started. During the process of producing kibbles, some bits and pieces required you to take care of, so let us begin.

1. Humidity

It is the most critical point to kick a start, the raw ingredient humidity needs to be controlled at 10-15%. And maximum moisture content cannot exceed 20%. Otherwise, the kibble may be too soft to shape in size with extruded from the kibble production machinery.

2. Crude Fiber

The crude fiber contained in the raw ingredients should be controlled at around 3-5%, as this can effectively bond the ingredients together. To reduce the pulverization rate of the kibbles and increase the kibbles production.

For instance, when the crude fiber is greater than 10%. The hardness and forming rate will be affected due to the poor bonding. These would result in a decrease in production and increased the fiction in the machine, eventually spoiling our machinery.

3. Starch

All carbohydrate is our principal source of kibbles for pets which contains a high amount of starch. At the same time, the pet food processing machinery provides two factors present, high temperature and moisture. These factors affect the productivity and quality of your end products.

You need to take good care of the moisture in the kibble production machine, controlling tempering moisture between 16 to 18%. The tempering temperature needs to be maintained above 80 degrees Celsius (176 Fahrenheit).

Otherwise, starch gelatinization will not take place thus, the kibbles are prone to breakage. Take note that raw (ingredients) are the best choice than cooked ones, which will affect the production quality of dry pet food.

4. Moisture

The moisture of the raw ingredients needs to be taken into consideration. If the raws ingredients contain or add too much water will reduce the steam produced and affect the temperature in the kibbles machine.

At the same time, if the raw ingredients are too damp will cause difficulties during tempering, causing the ingredients in the machine and mold roller to slip. Ending up the ingredients stuck inside the molds and cause a lot of trouble. Before quenching and tempering, moisture should be kept under 13%.

5. Grease

Finally, grease can effectively reduce the friction between the ingredients and the dog/cat food processing machine, protecting, and maintaining the machines' lifespan. Making the ingredients easily passes through the molds.

However, make sure that you do not add more than 2% of grease. It will cause the pet foods to be loose and cannot stay in shape. Thus, some advice for you, when mixing, add 30% of grease. And during the molding, add 70% of grease. These made up a total of 0.5-1% of grease.

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As long as you follow the guidance, you will never get off track. Darin Machinery was in the market since 2011, providing high-end machinery. We are specialized in all kinds of food processing machinery. If you are interested in the pet kibble machine and interested to find out more, contact us.


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