How is pet food produced?
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How is pet food produced?

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How is pet food produced?

Darin Machinery was in the market since 2011 and specialized in pet food machinery line manufacturing. We are having a series catering to both pet and human needs. There are food processing machine lines for oat bars, instant noodles, instant rice, puffed snack, pasta, pet dry food, and pet snacks.

Typical raw materials used in pet food processing include grain flour, vegetable protein, minerals, and vitamins. The mixer mixes the ingredients and ensures that the steam, moisture, and ingredients are properly mixed. The pretreatment produces partial gelatinization of the starch and texture of the polymer.

Then the partially cooked mixture is sent to the double-screw extruder, and the shear, internal temperature, pressure, moisture, and residence time are precisely controlled to achieve the best starch gelatinization without decreasing food nutrition. In different processing stages, liquid or steam can be injected through ports in the extruder barrel. An exhaust filler can be used for degassing at this stage.

Further on the cooked ingredients are transported to the baking machine to remove the excessive moisture. Excessive moisture causes bacteria and fungus multiplication. Thus, by baking, we can effectively reduce the moisture to about 10%, which will extend the shelf life of our dry pet foods.

In conclusion, Darin Machinery is providing food machinery lines with the latest technology. Furthermore, our food machinery lines are currently operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. Getting your food machinery lines from Darin to get complimentary services, contact us now~


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