How Does Food Processing Machine Lines Work?
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How Does Food Processing Machine Lines Work?

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How Does Food Processing Machine Lines Work?

Food Processing Machine Lines are a group of machinery that was used to produce one final product. Each piece of machinery holds responsibility in a production line, there is always a purpose for a machine placed into a production line. Darin Machinery is here to assist you, we are a one stop service centre to purchase your needed machines~

Allow me to share this with a simple example, pet feed production line.

Due to the large production rate, you need a continuously operating line, so in the first stage, you need mixing machinery to mix all the ingredients evenly for the next stage. You will need a conveyor as a bridge to bring your ingredients to the extrusion machinery.

The extrusion machinery is responsible for cooking, under high pressure, temperature, and a certain high of moisture. When the semi-final product left the mold and gets in contact with the atmosphere, expansion takes place. Then you will need conveying machinery to transport the products to the baking machinery.

The baking machinery is to remove the excess moisture that is in the pet kibbles and keeps them moist at less than 10%. This is to the extent of the shelf life of the kibbles. Again, the conveying system transports the products to the favoring system and is used to spray the oil evenly on the dogs’ feeds and season the final products.

The conveying system is not only used for transportation, but also for cooling down the cooked pet kibbles. Which is important machinery that can reduce the job load of your staff and achieve a consistent production capacity.

In conclusion, Darin Machinery provides a premium food processing machinery line for both human food and pet food & treats. At attractive pricing, we have rich experience in exporting our machinery lines overseas. Contact us now~


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