High-quality Pet Food & Treats Machinery Line at attractive prices only in Darin!
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High-quality Pet Food & Treats Machinery Line at attractive prices only in Darin!

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Darin Machinery provides different machinery lines to mass produce different pet treats. We specialized in all kinds of extruders, we were established in 2011, located in China. We focus on the quality of the machinery, the technology, and innovations too. All expert aspects are rather important for us to get a position in the market.

All the machinery lines including the cold extrusion machinery too. The body of the machinery lines is built of stainless steel, which will become rusty, and prevents the ingredients from contamination.

Our machines are crafted by our technician experts, which have been working with us for years. Their skills are perfect, providing you with the best quality that you can get at this price range.

Throughout these years, we drill into the automation of our machinery lines, and currently, up to 90% of our machine lines are controlled by the PLC and touchscreen by Siemens. It is user-friendly, and you can reduce the workers needed. Furthermore, with automation, you can achieve consistent productivity of your products.

Darin provides 3 different machinery lines for you!

1.    Cold Pet Treat Machinery Line

It mass-produces pure mixed meat treats or high-content meat treats for our furry friends. This final product is nutritious and meets the needs of our pets, cats, and dogs. The cold extrusion process has retained and locked the nutrition in the treats.

2.   Pet Treat Extrusion Line

Pet Treats Extruding Line can produce dog chew snacks and semi-moist pet food of various shapes and sizes. Also, double-color dog snacks and twist treats can be produced by a twin screw extruder.

Dog treats could strengthen dogs’ teeth, and clean dog mouth, reduce bad breath. The extruded treats not only provide protein, fat, vitamin, and nutrition for dogs but also satisfy the dog nature hobby.

Flow chart: Flour mixer - Screw Conveyor - Single Screw Extruder - Twisting Machine - Cooling Conveyor - Cutting Machine – Hoister - Cooling dryer

3.   Pet Feed Production Line

The pet food production line can produce all kinds of pet food including dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc., with different raw ingredients and crafts to produce a variety and unique flavored pet food. It comes in different shapes, furthermore, you can customize the molds according to your personal preference.

Our machinery is continuously improving to extrude the best pet food, making it the most scientific, automatic machinery line, to adapt to the continuously developing and growing market.

Darin’s effort in developing the latest technology and enhancement has fully reflected in our machinery lines. The operation is simple and user-friendly. There is a precise parameter control ensuring that the product is completed within the time limit, at the precise temperature, pressure, and humidity.

Well-designed structure, made with lasting material, it can perform fast self-cleaning to ensure the hygiene, stability, and easy maintenance of the machine.

In a nutshell, Darin Machinery provides the best quality machinery line for our customers. Assisting them to achieve their goal in production capacities. If you are not sure yet, contact us now for further information. We are looking forward to receiving your voice.


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