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Dog Dental Chew Machinery Line

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Darin Machinery was established in 2011, we are specializing in food processing machinery that are catering to both humans and animals. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality food machinery, for all countries worldwide. Currently, our machinery is delivered and operating in over 70 countries worldwide.


The dog chew production line uses meat meals and other ingredients as raw materials. It adopts a unique extrusion method to process these raw ingredients. With different molds, it can produce various strips, rods, twists, double color, and multi-colored products.

The finished products will be of consistent length dental chews. By adjusting the formula, you can provide enough nutrition for your furry friends. The finish products and dog chewing treats are perfect for our dogs, as it meets their natural biting and chewing.

Furthermore, it can practice their jaw muscles, as well as distract their attention, reduce anxiety, and it can minimize the percentage of our energetic dogs destroying our home.

The chewy dental treats are made of:

  •  Meat Meal

Be specific on the species of meat meal, for example, beef meal, chicken meal or pork meal, etc.

  • Fish Meal

Be specific on the species of fish meal, for example, salmon meal, tuna meal, etc.

  • Starch

Provide chewiness for the finished products. It also contains rich fibers.

  • Soybean

Plant-based source of protein, which is healthy for both humans and animals.

  • Etc.

Standard process and composition of applications:

Able to produce dog chews and semi-moist pet food. The procedure will be like this:

Powder Mixing (Mixer) → Extrusion (Single Screw Extruder) → Cooling Conveying → Cutting (Machine) → Cooling Conveying

The Voltage: 380V/50Hz

The body of the machinery is made fully of stainless steel, and parts that are in contact with the ingredients are made of food-grade stainless steel and will not get rusty for long-term contact with moisture ingredients. It is of high hygienic standard, and anti-corrosion, it results in prolonged service life.

Detailed Explanation of chewing machinery for dogs

1.     Mixing Machine

Adding various raw ingredients and a certain amount of water or liquid additives. Stir and mix it well, the machinery is of improved technology with no leakage problem and excellent sealing effects.

2.    Screw Feeder

This machinery is to transport the mixed ingredients to the hopper of the extruder. The machinery line is fully enclosed, without the probability of the ingredients getting contaminated, dusty, or polluted. The feeding amount is consistent, and the food contacting part is either made of stainless steel or advanced technology spraying treatment.

3.    Single Screw Main Machinery

It is composed of feeding, extruding, heat, transmission, and control systems. The raw ingredients are sterilized by the high temperature and pressure during the food processing process. This ensures the hygiene and safety of the end products.

The temperature can be controlled accurately, there is also a cooling system, to fasten the process of cooling for packing. It will effectively shorten the time needed. By changing the molds, you can achieve different designs of pet chews.

When you are interested to produce double-colored chewing treats!

If you are keen on producing double-colored chewing treats, you will need two single screw extruders. With two single screws machinery, you can produce double twisted products and sandwich-colored finished products.

4.    Cooling conveyor

It is used to lower the temperature of the products, to ensure that the chewie reached a perfect hardness to cut. If it was too hot, it will be too soft for the cutter. It will further affect the smooth flow of the production.

The conveyor belt speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. The cooling conveyors are equipped with fans to reduce the heat further.

5.     Cutter

It is used to cut the chews to the desired length, by just adjusting the speed. If you want small pieces of products, they should run at a high speed. On the other hand, for large, finished products choose a slower speed. The machinery will perform at a consistent and stable rate, the single screw extruder is highly automatic.

The cutter comes with a protective casing, it is to ensure the workplace safety of the employee. Furthermore, it is equipped with a calendaring roller, so that the bites are smooth and glossy on the surface, with consistent thickness.

6.     Cooling conveyor

It is used to lower the temperature of the products, to room temperature. Preparing the finished products for packing.

In a nutshell, Darin’s pet chewy machinery line is worthy to invest in and provides high automatic properties. We provide professional guidelines and assistance for beginners to start on projects. If you are interested in our machinery lines, do not hesitate to leave us a message now!


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