Discovering Corn Flakes Machinery Line
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Discovering Corn Flakes Machinery Line

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Discovering Corn Flakes Machinery Line

Corn flakes are a popular breakfast cuisine, to start the day right. Producing and manufacturing cereals is a profitable investment. Darin is here to guide you through the process. We specialized in puffing and extrusion machinery lines, providing outstanding machines at attractive prices.

Corn flakes extruding line

Why Corn Flakes Machinery Line

-       Effectively extend the shelf life of the ingredients.

-       Increase the value of the raw materials.

-       There is a demand for these breakfast cereals, thus it is worthwhile to produce the products.

The manufacturing procedures*:

1.     Mixing

Integrate the mixing of various ingredients, including, wheat, rice, corn, oat, etc. it is mixed with liquid.

2.    Extrusion

The materials are transported by a conveyor to the next machine, the extrusion machinery. When this machine is operating, there is high pressure and heat present. When the ingredients leave the machinery and get in contact with the air, they will expand.

3.    Flaking

The machine will mold the products into your desired shape.

4.    Baking & Flavoring Drum

Drying the semi-final products, and flavoring the final products with sugar, or other flavorings.

5.     Cooling and Drying

Prepare the final products for packing.

*Not all procedures are included

To conclude, choosing to manufacture cornflakes is a great idea. Darin is the best place for you to pick up your machine. We provide a premium quality corn flake processing line, at attractive price. Darin Machinery is operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. If you are interested contact us now~


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