Chocolate Coated Snack Bar Making Machinery Ultimate Guide
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Chocolate Coated Snack Bar Making Machinery Ultimate Guide

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Darin Machinery is located in Jinan a city of springs. We are a company manufacturing superior quality food extrusion machinery lines with reasonable pricing. We provide an up-to-date technology machine. With rich experience in exporting our machinery lines overseas, we had exported machinery to over 70 countries.

In this article, we will cover the standard process of the production line and each machine’s responsibility. In the end, I will be attaching an operation video on a chocolate-coated snack bar.

What is a chocolate-coated snack bar?

It is normal granola, cereal, oat bars, etc., with an additional coating. So, no matter do you have some of these machines, you can still benefit from this article.

For Beginners without the machinery line

Darin provides some choice of snack bar machinery lines for you to choose from. We have three machinery lines choose the one that better suits your project, in this article I will provide a brief guide to give you an idea of the characteristics of the machinery line.

1.     Cereal Bar Cutting Machinery Line

It is a machinery line that cuts your final products into smaller rectangular. It all starts with the mixture of the ingredients pouring into the hopper. Next, it is pressed evenly by a non-stick roller.

Lastly, it is cut and prepared into the selling size. This machinery is a large production capacity machinery, we also have small production machinery, Mini Granola Bar Cutting Machine. With a production capacity of 40 – 60 pcs/minute.

2.    Oat Bar Molding Machinery Line

This cereal molding machine line is very similar to the cutting machine, but it molds your ingredients into different sizes, patterns, and shapes. Darin also provides customization services, if you need a unique design, let your consultant know.

3.    Protein Bar Processing Machinery Line

Different from both machinery lines above, this is the only extrusion bar machinery. It can produce protein, dates, fruits, energy bars, etc. Furthermore, it was shaped by dice and molds.

Selection one of these machinery lines and top it up with a chocolate coating machinery line.

For Intermediate with the machinery line  

Upgrade yourself with chocolate coating machinery, the machine can dip over the snack bars or half dip with chocolate. Of course, if you want other coatings, you can do so! Find out more information from our professionals.

To conclude, choose Darin as your first choice. Darin is a professional manufacturer of food machinery lines. If you are interested, drop us a message now, to get the best quotation!


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