4 Tips on Pet Food Production
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4 Tips on Pet Food Production

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4 Tips on Pet Food Production

Some tips for manufacturers, follow these steps to create a better life for our furry animals. Darin was an experienced food processing machinery line manufacturer. We are in the market for decades; we develop with our customers. Providing them with wonderful service and premium food machines. Currently, our machinery line is operating in over 70 countries.

1)    Is there a need to produce pet food for various age stages?

Kittens and puppies have different nutritional needs as compared to their adult stage. With different types of food ingredients included. For instance, at the early stage of growing up, our furry pets need more energy-dense foods that are high in calories to support their tremendous growth.

At about 18 months of age, they will turn into adult cats and dogs, thus during the short growing-up stage, essential nutrients are needed to support proper development. Darin suggests that your formulation the pet food may include goat milk, a higher percentage of animal meal to enhance the protein content to build bones and support mind development.

When our furry family members turn adult, suggest your target audiences to change to adult formula. To avoid obesity, the energy contained is too high for adult pets.

With excellent ingredients, and Darin’s pet feed-making machinery line. You can provide nutritious kibbles for your customers’ pets. You need both conditions present to produce the top pet foods. Our machines maximize the nutrition kept and minimize the production wastage.

2)   What is the difference between various types of pet foods?

Darin Pet Food Production Lines

Dry food and Semi-moist food are produced by an extruder, just like human processed food. For example, pasta and cereal. The cooked ingredients are pushed through the holes and cut by the die plate.

Further down the process, it will be transferred into a dryer to dry and remove the excess moisture. Next, is the flavoring drum to add flavor to finished products. Once it was cooled, it will be evenly packaged into different packaging bags.

Dry Food

→ Pet Feed Machinery Line

Fish Float Machinery Line

Mini Laboratory Pet Food Extruder

Pet Biscuit Production Line

Semi-Moist Treats

Pet Chewing Machinery

Pet Treat Injection Machinery

The process of making treats

It is mixing all ingredients, in different extruding methods, producing with cold extrusion methods. The process will kill and eliminate the growth of bacteria, and also the minimal moisture presence stops the duplication of bacteria.

These treats are pressed or cut into small sizes. With high nutritional value, tasty, and delicious. Due to its properties, it is suitable for training purposes, building connections with our pets, or even as nutritional support.

Cold Pet Treat

→ Meat Strip Machinery

Cold Pet Treat Extrusion Line

3)   What ingredients you should choose when producing pet food?

Before mass production, as a manufacturer, you need to consider the ingredients. The trends, what ingredients are popular or accepted by the market.

Considering a diverse mix of ingredients, these are what your target market is looking for. Ensure your formula is well balanced and complete meeting a pet’s total nutritional need. You should include carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

4)   Guidelines on storing and packaging your mass pet food production?

Store your productions at a dry, cool, and off-the-ground location after processing. Wait until the products cool down, then process on the packaging. As if the packaging is sealed when the products was still warm, it will be prone to spoilage.

To conclude, I would like to say choosing Darin will be a wonderful choice. We provide professional advice, and lifetime inquiries support on our food and packing machinery lines. Feel free to contact us, we hope to receive our message!


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