3 Top investments in pet food machinery
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3 Top investments in pet food machinery

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Darin is a company located in Jinan, a beautiful city having spring water, in the province of Shandong. We provide varieties high-quality food processing machines.

Nowadays, families welcome furry new family members joining in. They bring us joy, by playing with them will help us relax and forget about the difficulties faced in life. These resulted in an increasing trend of pet food needs. It is about turning an investment opportunity, bringing you visible profit in your sales.


Pet Food Extruding Line

Kibbles are the principal source of food in a pet diet. Thus, they should be rich in nutrition and energy to meet their needs. The ingredient should be chosen according to the animal's age, size, and health condition, for example, low-fat kibbles for obese dogs.

Mini Pet Food Labortary

Picture 1

We provide different production capacities, from mini pet food extruding machines with only 1-5kg/h, shown in Picture 1.

Kibbles Extruder machine

Picture 2

And there is a large capacity of cats and dogs Kibbles Extruder machine with a production capacity of 150-5000kg/hr, shown in Picture 2.

pet food process flow chart

Figure 1 shows the fully automatic process of our pet kibbles processing system.


Cold pet treat pressing machine

Cold Pet Dog Treat Pressing Machine

Cold extrusion is our latest technology of pet treat machine. You might wonder why it is not at the top place. Thinking from our customer point of view, Darin wants you to make a better profit by investing in our machine. So, if you have a budget, choose the kibble extruding machine.

Treat is not the principal source of nutrition. Thus the market is incomparable to kibbles. Just imagine, as humans, we need more carbohydrates or more fats in life. Of course, it is best to invest in both machines to maximize your profit.


Dental Stick Process Machine

Dental Stick Extruding Line

Dog dental stick extruding machine is extraordinary innovation to clean and maintain our dogs' mouth and teeth healthy. The unique shape is designed to clean the hard-reach areas, preventing dental problems. For example, tooth decay and dental calculus.

There are two models available, at different production rates, 100kg/h and 150kg/h accordingly. You can choose according to your production needs.

Darin's philosophy is to guide our customers along the way of food innovation, providing them with technical support. Darin has been in the market since 2011. We look forward to having you on our journey, assisting you to accomplish your production goals.


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We specializing in development and sales of pet food machine, puff snack machine, energy granola bar machine and support equipment.




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