What equipment is needed in pet treats processing and production?
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What equipment is needed in pet treats processing and production?

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With the development of the manufacturing industry, most pet snack processing uses intelligent production lines. There are many models to choose from from small-scale to large-scale production line engineering installations. The following Darin machinery is introduced.

There are various kinds of raw materials used in pet snacks. From the perspective of palatability, most of the snacks use fish, poultry and other meats as snack materials; the raw materials for chewing, such as dog chews, are mostly animal skins, plants, etc.; and to remove bad breath Most of the products are made into small biscuits, and the raw materials are mainly fruits and vegetables... Therefore, in the processing stage of pet treats, it is necessary to equip corresponding food machinery and equipment according to different raw materials.

1. Simple production line

The simple production line includes: crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, spraying and packaging, and 2-5 operators can complete the production needs of the whole factory. Simple production line configuration can meet production requirements below 1t/h.

200kg/h is produced and processed by dry method, and if it exceeds 200kg/h, it is recommended to choose wet method. The same production formula and extruder model, wet production is 1.5-2 times higher than dry production.

2. Automated production line

The automatic production line process from feeding, cleaning, distributing raw materials, storing materials, automatic weighing, crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, spraying, cooling, packaging line operation, to meet the production demand of 1t/h, is indispensable. 5-10 people operate workers to complete the production requirements.

Large-scale production lines mostly use plant infrastructure based on equipment production needs. One is to reduce the use of land area, and the other is to save a part of the investment in conveying equipment.

Animals Feeding Machinery Line

3. Extrusion equipment

The extruder is divided into single-screw extruder and twin-screw extruder. The single-screw extruder has a small investment, but when producing some products with high fat and protein content, or when changing the product formula (usually defined as high-end pet food), the single-screw extruder will have some difficult problems to solve, such as: spray Unstable material, unsteady discharge, bad shape, etc.

During the operation of the twin-screw extruder, due to the double-screw feeding, the feeding will be smoother and more stable, and the processing will be more stable; and it is very convenient to clean the machine after the twin-screw extruder is stopped. The screw has a self-cleaning function, and the screw does not need to be disassembled.

4. Drying equipment

Small output models mostly use multi-layer belt electric heating drying ovens, which will reduce the investment cost; high-quality drying ovens have low energy consumption, low loss, high heat utilization rate, and no leakage.

5. Spraying equipment

In terms of spraying, as long as the production process and mixing requirements are met.

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