Traditional Corn Flakes Manufacturing Machines had been Overtaken.
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Traditional Corn Flakes Manufacturing Machines had been Overtaken.

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Traditional Corn Flakes Manufacturing Machines had been Overtaken.

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Currently, traditional corn flakes manufacturing machine is overtaken by corn flake extrusion production line, which is fully automatic. There are many types of corn, dent corn, also known as field corn, is widely applied during breakfast cereal productions.

While, the traditional method involves mixing the coarse flaking-grade corn grits with the other ingredients, cooking and drying them to about 21% of moisture, tempering, and then rolling them into flakes before toasting (final moisture range 1-3%).

Nowadays, cornflakes are made by extrusion cooking. However, the manufacturing process begins with a mixing machine, followed by the extrusion process, which cooked the raw material under high temperature, and pressure.

The cornmeal is then transferred onto a feeding conveyor that loads it into a sifter and then into an extruder. Then, extrusion takes place: a process that combines mixing, cooking, kneading, and forming.

The ingredients are fed into the extruder barrel and subjected to heating, compression, and mixing. The cooked material comes out of the extruder in form of strands that are then cut into cornflakes. After drying, pellets are flaked using a flaking roller and toasted to remove excessive moisture.

In a nutshell, choosing Darin’s breakfast cereal production line is the best suitable choice. If you are interested in the machinery line, feel free to talk to us. We will be providing you with additional information.


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